We Mucked It!


Hannah and I met up with some friends on Saturday to run MuckFest MS Pittsburgh!


MuckFest MS is a 5-mile mud and obstacle fun-run. 100% of fundraising dollars for the event go towards the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

I will preface this post by saying that I didn’t want to run this race. True story. Hannah’s friend asked her to run it about a month ago, but they figured out that they weren’t old enough to run it by themselves.

Hannah begged my mom, dad, and brother to run it with them and they said no. I felt bad, so I decided to run it with Hannah and her friend’s family. I figured that it would be something fun and different.


I’m pretty sure I have really bad luck with race day weather. The weather has been gorgeous in Pittsburgh lately, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

Not the day of MuckFest. I woke up and checked the weather. It was 35 degrees outside. I was shivering just thinking about having to jump into muddy water pits. It reminded me of doing an open water swim in August when the temperature was 50 degrees. Not cool at all.

Thankfully, our starting wave didn’t begin until 11:30 a.m., so it warmed up to about 55 degrees.


We stretched a bit, and then headed to the starting line.

I don’t even know how to describe how much fun I had running MuckFest with Hannah and her friend.

I knew the race was going to be crazy when we were sprayed with water before we even started running.


Within 30 seconds of starting the race, we were all 100% soaked because we had to run through–and up–a pit of mud. I could not get myself out of that pit! It was so slippery and my shoes felt like they weighed about 10 pounds from the mud.

I looked over at Hannah and saw that she had a mud mustache. I lost it and started laughing so hard. Then I kind of freaked out because I remembered that over 100 people were behind me in the same mud pit. I felt like I was going to be crushed to death. Over dramatic? Yes. But the pure fear propelled me out of that pit and onto the next obstacle.


We had to run through these huge balloon-type balls. So many people were hit by the balls, lost their footing, and fell into waist deep water and mud. We moved on and ran to the next obstacle.

I can’t remember all of the obstacles we did, but we skipped one because Hannah and I were afraid of going underwater underground. Did that sentence even make sense? Oh well.

We saw my mom at mile two, and she took some pictures of us going over another obstacle.


We climbed a big rope obstacle, got some water, and I picked my mud wedgie. Then we ran up some massive hills for about three miles.

We also ran through a mine. Kinda scary.


At the end of the race, we had to jump into more muddy water…


So I just went for it. Tongue out and everything.

muck festms

We finished feeling muddy, cold, and happy. The only bad thing about the race was the amount of mud I swallowed. I had a fever that night and my nose was running like crazy. A little dirt never hurt anyone though!




  1. Well done. Kudos to you and Hannah for running in all that mud and for raising money for such a good cause. πŸ™‚
    My sister, Emily, used to go to military-style fitness classes which involved a LOT of mud. I enjoy keeping fit but I prefer to avoid mud as much as I can! Looks like you had fun though!

  2. It looks like you had fun even though you didn’t want to do the race at first. I’m glad you did so that Hannah had company and could actually participate. Plus the shirts are really cute and I like the ducky… also find it really ironic that Tide detergent sponsored the race, haha.

    Sorry about swallowing the mud! I hope you’re feeling better and enjoying the holiday.

  3. This looks like SUCH a fun race! I’d love to try one sometime, although I definitely think it would be more enjoyable with friends or family to do it with you.

  4. This race looks epic as do all of your pictures, nice one ladies πŸ™‚ I want to do another mud/obstacle course again.. they are such a good time and I love that their not about getting a certain time from the run

  5. This is so awesome!! I’m so glad you did it, but weird that they couldn’t run it without you! I run in colllddd weather all the time and once I get going I am fine, but that initial waiting period when it’s below 50F is rough!

  6. Oh my gosh! I would have been so cold! I’m such a baby about the weather.

    I totally would have skipped that obstacle, too! I’m kind of claustrophobic and being underwater AND underground sounds like the worst thing ever.

    Hope you’re feeling better πŸ™‚

  7. MMM swallowing mud. That is basically eating completely paleo. You are practically a real blogger now…bahaha (I hope you know how much I’m kidding).

    I’m glad despite not wanting to do the race you had a good time. It was oddly cold last weekend, and although I want to complain it was a nice break from what I know will come to be the heat box very soon.

  8. This looks like SO much fun! It reminds me of the one television show that’s on TV… I think it’s called Wipe Out, maybe?

    When I did the Color Run, I ran through a color station with my mouth open and swallowed chalk. Believe me, I know how it feels at the end of the race and your system is NOT happy haha!

  9. I knew a few people from work who did this and it looked like so much fun!! I ran Mud on the Mountain last year which was similar at 7 Springs and loved it!

  10. Love how Tide is the sponsor, haha. That’s really sweet of you to run with her even though you didn’t feel like it.

    I hope to get my sis and my friend to do a 5k with me this summer for fun (maybe a foam fest or color run)?

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