Good swim

Even though I “retired” from competitive swimming after my freshman year of college, I still love swimming.

I try to get in the pool about 2-3x a week, whether it be on my own or with the local masters team. When I “retired” from swimming, I thought I would only do it every once in a while, but I love it more now that I don’t have pressure to be fast and I don’t have to spend 2+ hours in a pool every single day.

Today’s swim:
Warm up:
300 freestyle
1×400 (100 of each stroke)

Main set:
3×200 (75 freestyle, 50 butterfly, 25 freestyle, 50 butterfly)
2×50 butterfly
5×100 (25 butterfly, 50 freestyle, 25 butterfly)
6×100 freestyle sprint
6×100 stroke (2 breaststroke, 2 backstroke, 2 butterfly)

500 pull
100 (50 breast, 50 free)

Yards: 3,700


That’s all I have time to blog about today! I’m beginning to make my schedule for next semester and starting the search for my summer internship. I’m growing up so fast ;). It is so exciting and overwhelming to think about all of the opportunities for an internship. Wooo! For now though, I’m off to school until 3:00.

See ya later alligators.

Do you still participate in sports that you grew up competing in?


Bible verse of the day: Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
    but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21


  1. I love when you can step back from something and learn to just really enjoy it! I was never super competitive in anything, but I do tend to start taking hobbies too seriously and have to take a minute to remember why I love it.

  2. Unfortunately I never competed in anything but gymnastics (only for 2 yrs) I’m glad you’re healthy enough to still swim!! You should compete @ the masters level :))

  3. I would love to get back into swimming! It’s a bit of a hassle now, but one day I hope it won’t be. It’s so refreshing and such a great work out!

  4. This is great, Allie! It makes me so happy to hear that your genuinely enjoying swimming. It’s not an easy sport, or hobbie. You work hard whether you be competitive or not, and that is awesome 🙂

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