New article & new shoes

Howdy and happy Wednesday!

I got some new shoes. I like them, except they gave me an awful blister. I don’t plan on running in them, but I do enjoy walking Lola in them. They were $50 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

I wrote another article for the school paper: The Importance of Sun-Protection.

Also of note in my life:

  • My dad is really good at cooking/grilling. I always forget that he was trained as a cook in the Navy. On Sunday he grilled salmon for my family and it was so good!
  • I got new gauges. I went up a size (er, down.. technically?), to a size 8, and Jimmy hates them. I don’t plan on going so big that I have a gaping hole in my ear, I promise. 
  • I’m reading a really good book right now. I can’t wait to do a review when I’m finished. 
  • My brother LOVES avocados and I found a great recipe for him in an old Food Network magazine… avocado pie. I mailed it to him today and I’m totally wondering if he’s going to make it! 

Pictures:Sunday cookout ❤

The new gauges that Jimmy hates :p

An excerpt from the book I’m currently loving.

Avocado pie. I’m not sure what to think!


Would you eat avocado pie?

Who is the best cook in your family?


  1. Cool earrings! I used to have so many piercings (navel, nose, tongue) but they are all out now, except for my 2 earlobes and 2 cartilages 🙂 I miss them!

  2. Looks like you had a fun time grilling! I like your new gauges but after reading all this time, didn’t realize you had them? I guess I just haven’t been paying attention that well, lol, just thought they were pierced (you can buy pierced earrings that look like gauges too).

    My husband is definitely the best cook in my family :). Because I can’t cook and it’s just us now!

  3. I love avocados, so I’d definitely say it’s worth a try–you never know! I absolutely love making chocolate “mousse” that is avocado-based, so I know it can do dessert well.

  4. I want those shoes. I saw a pair at the store yesterday and I “mentioned” to my husband that I would like a pair and he just laughed at me….men don’t understand!

    My husband is the cook for the “family” I am learning to experiment a little but he won’t be suckered into my “tests”

  5. I’d say it all depends in my family who the best cook is. My dad is good with fish and venison but mom is good with everything else! LOL

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