Afternoon at the park

Creative writing, my last class of the day on Friday, ended at 2:50pm. I hightailed it home and Jimmy came over. It was a sunny afternoon so we headed out to Keystone State Park and walked Lola + basked in the sunshine!

Keystone is the same park that I’ve ran a 5k costume race in the past two years…

2010—> Hannah is on the right as a swimmer and I’m on the left as woman?

2011—> Hannah and I were both ballerinas!

Keystone is also the same park that I swam my first 5k race in.

 It was weird to be in the park in April because no one was camping (except one family), not many people were walking around or running, and definitely no was was swimming! I can’t wait until it is warm enough to swim outdoors 🙂

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 

Do you have a favorite park?


  1. We loved going to the park back in college, but now I haven’t been in awhile. There’s not really a park I can walk to from my apartment and I wish there was! Most of the good ones are in another part of town. I’m so glad you guys have a nice park with races that go on there and stuff (I don’t think ANY of ours have events or anything!).

    Happy Easter!

  2. Gorgeous park! (PS, I’m the evw664 following you on Instagram, sorry if I creeped you out if you didn’t know who it was! haha!)

  3. So pretty! And awesome that you have so many good/fun memories there, too! I don’t know that I have a favorite park. There’s a pretty nice one around here with lots of hiking trails, but it’s a pretty far drive which makes it less of an option for an afternoon trip.

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