That surprise…

Last month I said I was going to be doing something surprising on the 21st of January. Then, a few days later, I said that the surprise sadly had to be postponed until February due to an ice/snow storm in Pittsburgh.

February is almost over and the surprise happened yesterday.

I’m a certified Spinning instructor!


A little background: I started regularly attending spinning classes with my mom and sister in the fall and my mom commented on how it didn’t seem too hard to teach a class. I agreed (to an extent.. lol) and thought nothing of it.

Fast forward to Christmas. My parents bought me the materials/orientation pass/exam to become a certified Spinning instructor through Maddogg Fitness.

I was really surprised and nervous.

I had to read the instructor manual before the spring semester for PSU began and my orientation (class day of learning) was scheduled for January. I couldn’t attend the January orientation because Pittsburgh got a mega snow storm so I rescheduled for February.

Going into the class yesterday I had so many thoughts swirling through my head as to why I couldn’t become an instructor:

  • I’ll never get hired, I’m too young
  • I’m too shy to teach a Spinning class
  • I don’t even know if I’ll like Spinning
  • I haven’t done Spinning long enough
  • I don’t have cycle shoes, biking gloves, etc.

Now that the orientation is over and I’m certified, I feel a lot more confident, but not 100% confident in my skills and abilities. I think part of this is my personality. I’m a perfectionist and I want to teach “the best class” and feel like a teacher. I know these feelings will come with experience.


So this post doesn’t become too long, my next post will discuss:

  • What the orientation was like
  • What the exam was like
  • What I plan to do with my certification

Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂


  1. Congratulations Allie! This is so exciting. I love that you just went for it with your parent’s encouragement! You’re right, those feelings of complete confidence will come in time and as you start to teach. So proud of you!

  2. Ymca downtown. I think that one of the spin instructors is scaling back his teaching to train for the Pittsburgh marathon. You should call and see if they are looking for someone!

  3. Congratulations! I’ve always wanted to get certified in something (Actually, I will be getting USATF certified as a coach this Spring). It might make it easy to get a part time job instructing too, which would be good to do in college. I know a few college students who do group fitness classes on the side and make extra money that way.

    Anyway, I’m glad you got your certification despite the snow and bad weather in January!

  4. What fun! Congrats on getting certified–teaching fitness classes is SO MUCH fun. Don’t expect perfection the first time you teach, just let people know you’re new at the beginning of the class, and then just go from there. It’s definitely a practice-required thing, but is worth it!

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