Saturday fun

Saturday was a busy day for me. It was also really fun!

What I was up to:

  • Woke up @ 5:30, had breakfast, & packed a lunch
  • Drove 50 minutes to the fabrication shop that Jimmy’s family owns
  • Worked (cleaned the toilets, etc.) from 7-12
  • Ran on a lovely trail for 7 miles while Jimmy rode a bike next to me
  • Showered and had dinner at Eat n Park
  • Went to the Pittsburgh International Auto Show
  • Headed home and watched 1.5 episodes of “Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?”

Now it’s Sunday and I have church and not much else going on. Sweet!

Pictures from this weekend:

Early morning commute through tunnels.

Yay for cleaning toilets!

Jimmy’s dog came to work 🙂

The auto show was packed. I was feeling claustrophobic but it was still a nice time.

The Lexus LFA!!!!


What did you do on Saturday?


  1. Aww, that’s so awesome that Jimmy can bring his dog to work and that you got to go work from 7-12 and make a little extra cash. It sounds like you had a great day over all :). I’ll probably blog about my Saturday soon because it was pretty great too, I went to Homecoming at college with two of my friends and then Clay and I went out for dinner :).

  2. I like your nail polish 🙂 I haven’t polished mine in years! It’s because i spend too much time cleaning toilets!!
    We are all sick here, but skipped church and went to the beach this weekend. (didn’t want to spread germs)

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