So you know how people always think that I’m 12 years old? Well I had a good idea yesterday. I thought that maybe if I straightened my hair then people would think I’m like 16 instead of 12. Well I think I still look like I’m 12, even with straight hair. Speaking of hair… I woke up the other day with majorly fluffy hair. So I decided to put hot rollers in my already curly hair (old fashioned much?!) and take before/during/after pictures. Fun stuff!




I came to three conclusions:

  1. Putting hot rollers in already curly hair makes it look really short. 
  2. I wear flannel a lot
  3. This post is so vain because it has 4 pictures of me in it. That is enough!


Tell me about your hair…. is it straight or curly? Do you do something with it each day? [My hair is super curly and 99.9% of the time I don’t do anything to it-I don’t even brush it! :x]



  1. Your hair looks awesome curled! And straight. And natural 🙂
    My hair is straight and won’t hold a curl. It’s long (as in, mid-thigh length) so I wear it up all the time. I wore it down for the day a few weeks ago and got loads of stares and a few comments from random people on the street, lol.

  2. I love your curly hair! But it looks good those ways too 🙂 My hair is naturally wavy/curly depending on humidity so I usually just put some mousse in it and I’m good to go. I will straighten it more often in the less humid months here but it’s way too humid now and it won’t stay straight if I even try.

  3. Haha I don’t think your post is vain, it’s hard to describe hair without pictures, I liked the visuals personally… and I do many more posts with way more than four pics of me, haha. It is your blog after all.

    I like it straight, but straight always takes time. As far as hair and not looking young, I’ve tried numerous things and still look young. Fortunately I’ve gotten a little older looking and people no longer think I’m in high school. I’m 26 so this is sort of a big deal, LOL.

  4. Wow, that amazing how much shorter your hair got with the hot rollers! As for looking young, I bet you’ll be grateful when you are in your 30s and 40s and people think you look like you’re 22.

    My hair is think (lots of it), but the individual strands are fine. It’s wavy/straight, so I don’t do anything to it besides curl the ends if it needs some juj!

  5. I think the curls make you look older! It looks great! As far as my hair, it has a weird wave to it that sucks. It’s not curly but not straight. Most of the time I just run a straighter through it to help take out some of the wave.

  6. Your hair looks adorable every way you do it! How long did it take you to straighten?! Mine is pretty curly and not even as long as yours but it takes almost an hour to straighten!! I don’t brush it either, though, unless I am straightening it! Just shower and it’s done!

  7. I love love love your hair! I like it natural but it looks good all 3 ways. 🙂
    My hair is flat and a little bit wavy and it can hold a curl pretty well if I actually bother to curl it. I’m not good at styling my hair (and it has ZERO volume) so I usually just leave it down or in a pony! Or braids.

  8. Your hair looks SO CUTE all curled up! Love it. Although your natural is so fabulous. I used to always be jealous of curly hair, but I have slowly come to terms with my straight hair that does nothing other than straight, even if I try curling it. I do nothing with it…except maybe blow dry it if it’s cold out. I like minimal getting-ready-effort.

  9. Aw… no worries… people seriously think I am 12 too! Except I am 20 :/. I have straight hair, but it is really fine and thin, so I can’t have it too long… I think your hair looks great whatever you do with it!

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