Recent eats!

Hey! Happy Sunday. I hope you’ve been having a lovely weekend thus far.

My Friday consisted of school, writing, and going to Hannah’s basketball game. Saturday I ran a few miles, got my eyebrows waxed (they REALLY needed it), ate lunch at a cafe, went to a car show, and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Here’s to hoping Sunday (today) is a bit more relaxed 😉 I have church on the agenda as well as some homework and Lola needs a walk!


I have some recent eats to share:Chili + cornbread Peanut Butter Granola – I made this on National Peanut Butter Day. I will post the recipe once I have perfected the granola!Coooooookie crisp!Chocolate protein shakeSnacking on popcorn. I ate this while watching Gold Rush. Has anyone seen that show?! I LOVE it! Also, the family dog and cat, (Eddie and Callie) are in this picture lol. Apple + peanut butterLunch from a local tea shop: grilled chicken sandwichDessert from local tea shop: mint chocolate chip ice creamLuna bar snackage! This flavor is great.Grilled chicken salad. The best part of this salad was that it had sliced almonds and white sesame seeds on it for crunch. Yum.


Also, I’m REALLY looking forward to this:Shamrock shakes from McDonald’s! They taste like mint + vanilla and they’re green and creamy and delicious. I am going to have to take like a triple dose of my lactose intolerance prescription before I have one of these babies!

What’s the best think you’ve ate lately? 



  1. That chili looks amazing!!!! I’ve been craving a nice warm bowl of it but it’s been so unusually warm! I like my chili when it’s cold outside 🙂 Mint choco chip ice cream is probably my favorite especially when it comes from a cute little shop I can find!

    And THANKGOODNESS FOR SHAMROCK SHAKES<3 They are the best thing on earth.

    Best thing I've eaten lately: my breakfast this morning with PB2 and bananas on top 😀

  2. I’m defrosting some chili for lunch today and I baked cornbread yesterday! Twins!

    Okay, so I really need to get back on track with making actual food this week instead of making sandwiches or eggs for every meal.

  3. I ate a veggie burger yesterday and some sweet potato fries. They were delish. I also had Firehouse subs Friday night and it was tasty too… those have been my favorite foods this week by far! Oh and Greek yogurt, been eating lots of that lately.

    I’ve heard of Shamrock shakes but we don’t have them here (I don’t drink milkshakes- for the same reason as you and I won’t take a bunch of meds to drink one because I’m not a fan anyway). Sounds like you’ve had a really busy and fun week!

  4. I LOVE SHAMROCK SHAKES. I wish I didn’t because they can really add up…McDonald’s is right down the road from my house! haha. Also, your apple cutting skills must be impeccable. Those slices are perfect!

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