Polynesian Meatballs

Just last week I was flipping through a magazine and found this recipe for Polynesian meatballs.

I saw that the recipe called for cool ingredients like pineapple, brown rice, green onions, ginger, nutmeg, and teriyaki sauce. I love recipes that have loads of flavor and this one definitely did.

The recipe uses some of the ingredients to make a sauce to dip the meatballs in. I think the sauce was my favorite part. It had pineapple, teriyaki sauce, and other spices. Plus it was served warm.The recipe made a lot of meatballs and the leftovers were delish!

What are your favorite “exotic” flavors?


  1. Those meatballs sounds delicious! I love thai food and once I made pad thai with my boyfriend. It was pretty good for out first try. Haha.

  2. I ate a lot of meatballs when I ate meat (I’m Italian! And so is Max!) but I am 99% sure I never got to have this variety!!! I wonder if I could make a veggie version using crumbled up veggie burgers? hmmm

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