P90x workout

A few weeks back I discussed some of my favorite treadmill workouts and also promised to blog about P90x workouts as well.

My dad got my mom the P90x DVD’s and chin up bar for Christmas in 2010 and my whole family has enjoyed it ever since. My dad has cycled through the 90 day program at least twice and my mom loves it as well. I don’t follow the suggested P90x schedule of doing the DVD’s each day, I just do them if I don’t feel like running or leaving the house ;).

One of my favorite P90x workouts is titled Chest and Back. The workout focuses on pushing and pulling movements like push ups and pull ups. It is divided into two rounds. You go through the workout one time and then repeat it again.

You do each exercise as many times as you can (except exercises with weights– you do those for either 6-10 or 11-15 reps) for 30 seconds-1 minute.

1. Standard push-ups

2.Wide front pull-ups

3. Military push-ups

4. Reverse grip chin-ups

5. Wide fly push-ups

6. Closed grip overhand pull-ups

7. Decline push-ups

8. Heavy pants

9. Diamond push-ups

10. Lawnmowers

11. Dive bomber push-ups

12. Back flys

[I made some of the exercises that you might not know as links that you can click to see a how-to!]


Update on my nose: I called my surgeon today and I have an appointment schedules for the 13th of January. Gulp!


Have a great day 🙂



  1. p90x is hard! Even as a serious runner who has been sore after 20 miles, doing a p90x makes me realize i have muscles that i never knew existed!

  2. I don’t think I have ever been able to do a pull up, and pretty sure I couldn’t do one now if I tried! But definitely something to work towards!

  3. I hope your workout goes well! P90X sounds crazy intense but I do believe it works, my friend Ryan did it and lost a ton of weight that way along with protein shakes. He’s in amazing shape now. So, if you do it right it definitely works, but I don’t blame you for doing it right now in the cold winter months and when you don’t want to run- sounds like excellent cross training too!

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