Life lately & my nose

Besides driving through a random snowstorm, life has been good lately!I think I have played board games like 3 nights in a row this past week. I played a game called Elfinland at a college game night and Taboo on NYE at church and on Sunday (@ home, w/ family) because the power went out for 4 hours due to a rain and windstorm. [College student game night was a lot of fun!][My family + Jimmy all huddled around the candles and played Taboo and charades until the power came on.]

I have been staying up late (and subsequently sleeping in!) to watch some amazing movies and eat delicious food. [Goldfish and Water For Elephants… a good match.]SCALLOPS!

I have also been using Starbucks gift cards that I got for Christmas like none other. I guzzle peppermint mocha’s like it’s my business. 30 seconds later….Gone.

I’ve been scaring Jimmy. He is afraid of my biceps getting too bulky..I wore a cap-sleeved dress on Sunday and it didn’t fit my shoulders. Ugh.

He is also afraid of bowling with me.You see, I like bowling, but I just get so mad/frustrated if I don’t do well! I have a love-hate relationship with bowling for sure.


My nose has been hurting lately.I had to have my nose almost completely reconstructed in 2009 after a car accident.[Post-surgery 2009.]

For about a week, I have been experiencing bleeding within my nose and i’m pretty sure my septum (the area between the nostrils) has shifted to the point where it is causing a lot of pain + it has affected my breathing a little. I’m going to call my surgeon today and get an appointment to have it looked at, just to make sure everything is okay. :/ Bleh.


Have a great day!!



  1. We are two peas.

    I have had surgery on my nose too after breaking it badly when I was young and it feels pretty weird in the cold weather. Like sinus pressure. I hope yours gets straightened out (no pun intended).

    Also, I love playing board games but I never have any one to play with me! Boo!

  2. Hope your nose gets better soon! Mine’s been bleeding a lot lately too with the crazy changes in weather. I guess we’re keeping the Kleenex industry alive haha! 🙂
    Ps– your guns are killer!

  3. Sorry about your nose- I hope it gets better soon! Nasal problems totally stink in the winter and it seems like almost everyone has something. You arms look amazing… do you drink protein or anything after you lift? I lift and lift and never get toned :(. And I lift fairly heavy too!

    You’re so lucky to have a nice church that does things like game night. I used to be a part of a church and really liked it, but unfortunately it sorta blended with another church, and there was a bunch of drama… well, I have tried churches and not found one I liked. It seems like none of them did anything for college students and those who did, once you were out of college you were on your own, everything was either for kids or for older adults =(.

    Peppermint mochas are pretty much amazing so I get why you drink them so much.

  4. Sorry to hear about your nose! I hope it get’s better.

    Looks like some fun board game playing though! I love playing board games when I’m home and we’re snowed in. Taboo is great!

  5. Wow I had no idea. I really hope your nose isn’t going through anything serious. I bet the cold and weather change isn’t helping one bit. That is great about your biceps. My ex would always think I’m getting too crazy with weights 😉

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