No, not me. My little sister!!!

Okay.. she isn’t that little..

On Saturday Hannah will be competing in her SECOND triathlon!

What a beast! Though I have done a few tri’s myself, I’m not into biking as much as my sis is. She run’s 5k’s with me, we swam on a team together, and she does brick workouts.

I just wanted to make a little good luck post for her because I LOVE her to death!

I think I forgot to mention….. she’s only 12!



  1. Your little sister is beast! I was looking at the pictures and saying to myself “how OLD is she?” and with the answer of 12, I’m super impressed!

  2. Way to go to your sis… she is pretty hardcore =). I can’t believe she’s doing all that at 12, that’s so awesome that she’s involved at such a young age!


  3. Oh my goodness! Your sister is awesome! It’s impressive when anyone does a tri but it’s especially impressive when the person is only 12 years old! 🙂
    Good luck to her…not that she’ll need it! 😉

  4. Your sister is awesome!!! really! 🙂 there is something about the sisters, I tell you. Mine is the best salsa dancer I have ever seen! 🙂

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