Gorgeous & 7 links

Thanks to the lovely and amazingly fast runner girl  Christy I have been tagged in the infamous 7 links survey/post.


My 7 Links

Most beautiful: I Love This was a post about some of the things in life that I love 🙂

Most popular: He liked it This post was about the hamburger cake that I made for Jimmy’s birthday.

Most controversial: Why I wear a purity ring I suppose this wasn’t SO controversial because many people agreed with my beliefs, but it definitely sparked some emails and interesting comments!

Most helpful: Q&A I think that is pretty self explanatory 😉

Surprise success: I like getting my eyebrows waxed I was surprised that other people liked the feeling of eyebrow waxing as well haha.

Not enough attention:  Blogging and friends I talked about how it seems that some bloggers don’t hang out with friends or just focus on working out and planning meals. Maybe I touched a sensitive spot or it was too serious of a post.

Most proud:  Usually I wrote about how I recieved the “Kindest” award in high school instead of “best dressed”, “nicest car”, etc. I also discussed how I am learning to accept myself as I am.


So there you have it, those were my 7 links! I am not going to tag anyone because I seriously feel like I am the last person in the blog world to complete that survey haha.

Anyways, I just wanted to show you a few pictures I took of my sister. She is so awesome and I love her SO much!


Have a great Saturday!


  1. Aww, I love the links post :). I’m going through now and reading the posts and I love the one about being voted kindest. It’s neat that your class had awards like that. Mine didn’t. It was just stereotypical. At least yours gave everyone something cool :). And I can definitely see why you won it!


  2. I love the Q&A i think itwas one of the only posts I didn’t get to read. I actually commented on it as well haha 🙂 I loved the older entries as well. Your sister is gorgeous! You guys are a good lookin family.. and i mean that in the non-creepiest way possible

  3. I really liked your blogging and friends post! I’m sort of uncomfortable posting pictures of my friends unless they know about it, but I really liked seeing yours. It makes me want to post more of mine in the future!!

  4. I love 7 links because I get to catch up on posts before I was a reader – yayyy. Happy Weekend, friend!

  5. I loved everyone of the posts! Tell your sister that she is so beautiful. You all look alot alike! Does she like to run too? If she looks up to you, she has an awesome role model. Hope you have a Sunny Sunday tomorrow. Lets go praise Jesus for all he’s blessed us with. 🙂

  6. I loved this post. First your sister is so cute. Second, your post about bloggers not posting about their friends was one of my favorite posts ever. I want to read about peoples lives/boyfriends blah blah blah not what they did on the elliptical all the time. There is only so many different elliptical settings.

  7. Yes…the Purity ring one was a great Post. So glad you are courageous to share your beliefs on that! And the hamburger cake… you are just so creative!
    I love my sister too- though we are VERY different.

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