Mega stress

I feel like I have been spending forever at work. Probably because I worked almost every day this week. Now I can afford books for school.


Foodie pictures:

Toast.. 1/2 with peanut butter and 1/2 with almond butter

15 bean soup.

Iced vanilla coffee w/ soy milk and vanilla syrup in a chilled Steelers beer mug hahaha.

Pizza time! I wish I had the time to make homemade crusts but lately I just haven’t!

What made this pizza good?

Fresh basil from the garden to put on top!

Also from the garden… a weird shaped cucumber! It was good nonetheless πŸ™‚

A hot and cold side salad… it was interesting!


The Hot Metal bridge in the South Side in Pittsburgh—-> I crossed it to go to physical therapy.

Which brings me to my next point. My knee still doesn’t feel normal. I’ll share a little drawing from my journal. Hopefully you can read it..

I’m the stick figure saying “I just wanna run” and the arrows are pointing at my knee’s saying “sucks”

Then I wrote that my life could be much worse. I proceeded to draw a doctor telling me I am preggers with triplets hahah. That made me feel better πŸ˜‰


But really, training camp is in less than a month. If my knee isn’t better I won’t be running. If I can’t run I won’t get the scholarship money from my college. If I don’t get the scholarship money because I can’t run then I can’t go to college there. (My family cannot afford the $27,000 tuition without my $16,000 athletic scholarship)

Stress. I have been so excited to move into my dorm, make new friends, and take exciting classes. I really want my knee to get better so I can actually do all of those things. I even got my bed linens in the mail:

Any advice or comforting words for my situation?

[I’m just going to trust in God and let Him do what He does best; take care of me]



  1. First of all I have to point out that I love how you actually put a good amount of nut butter on your bread, not a little teensy schmear like most bloggers i’ve seen. Anywho, now that I’m done with that. I wish I had advice or something but all I can say is pray pray pray! I reallllllly hope your knee heals quickly so you can run and have the scholarship. Have you changed your shoes? Maybe there’s more to the problem and you should try several different approaches. I dont know though cuz I’m not a doctor.. just brainstorming. πŸ™‚
    I’m sure theres a way to heal your knee. Maybe it needs even more rest?

  2. Aww Allie my heart goes out to you! I will be praying for you knee toheal so you can experience all of the wonderful things that lie ahead of you! Just keep pushing.. keep staying postivie. You positive attitude can do WONDERS.. Have a great day, girl.

    And that cucumber is so strange! haa

  3. Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that your knees aren’t feeling completely up to par. Just try to keep in mind that God has you right were he wants you and if he wants you to go to this college, he will make it all work out in his timing! I know that it easier said than done, but hang in there! God gave you this talent of running for a reason–he won’t let it go to waste.

  4. I know this is so cliche but EVERYTHING happens for a reason. If you are meant to be running at the college then your knee will get better. IF not, then there is something better out there for you!! I’ll keep you in my thoughts though – I know your knee will come through πŸ™‚

  5. I know that horrible overwhelming feeling of stress, but I just know you will make it through! Your upbeat optimism and God’s guidance will help throttle your knee to full recovery in no time. (HUGE hugs)

    And, that is the coolest cucumber I’ve ever seen heehee πŸ™‚

  6. I love how you combined the nut butters. It made me giggle (:

    I can’t offer any advice on the knee other than stretching, ice, and maybe some foam rolling. Motrin never hurt anyone either! I hope your knee feels better soon!!!

  7. I hope everything works out! I love the Stillers mug.

    P.S. I ran cross country and track in high school along with swimming. I usually ran the mile and two mile in track with the occasional 800.

  8. Aw Allie that sounds awful. You’ll make it through. Don’t run if it hurts too much — it’s too risky, especially if you need that scholarship. I totally understand how hard it is.. injuries are no fun at all. I’m praying for you! I’m confident that the situation will work out, even if it doesn’t play out the way you think it does. I think everything happens for a reason, so take care of yourself and hope for the best!!

    totally off topic from that — the cucumber looks like a grenade. haha!

  9. OMG BOBOLI PIZZA! i have such fond memories of those. that was my favorite dinner growing up and i would always help make it as a kid by spreading on the sauce and cheese and pepperoni. i totally forgot about Boboli!!! πŸ™‚


  10. *hugs* Really sorry for what you’re going through, but I do agree that God does things for a reason (even when we don’t know what it is) and He takes care of us. Obviously you’re going to therapy and doing everything you can to be able to run for camp and that’s all you can do. You’re not taking the easy way out but you’re not overdoing it either.

    Honestly, I would take it super duper easy this month… listen to your body… cross train but not really run. As long as you keep your cardio fitness up you’ll be able to bounce back. If you push it too much you could get seriously hurt and not be able to run for a LONG time or again. You want to be able to enjoy running for years to come.

    Even with college, you’re still young so don’t stress too bad (okay, so I’m 25 and old over here!). If something happens and you can’t get the scholarship, well… stuff happens, and you know you did everything in your power to make it work out. You could maybe go back to your former school for a semester or two, or go to a community college (if it’s too late to re-enroll at your former school) and then try again in the Spring or next Fall? I’m not super educated on NCAA rules but you have 4 years of eligibility and I know if you’re injured/redshirting that doesn’t count against that?


  11. Alot can change in a month. I would not push it. Keep doing other cardiovascular things like swim,bike,etc. You know you don’t need to be in top shape at the beginning of the season. I ran in college and the coach didn’t care so much how we came in, but how we finished. Nationals is a long time from now. πŸ™‚ I am going to pray for you. I would be stressed to, but what good is it doing? I’m preaching to myself when I say that. Let go and let God. Love ya girl and I really hope you recover fast. πŸ™‚

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