Blogging and friends

I totally consider everyone who reads and comments on my blog to be my friend. Is that weird/creepy?! If I see/hear something that reminds me of a fellow blogging friend I’m like “My blogging friend ______ does/cooks/says that”  So basically I love you all.

But I want to talk about something different today. I want to discuss friends outside of the blogging realm. Unless i’m crazy, I feel like SO many bloggers never mention their friends and it totally makes me sad because friends make life better.

Sometimes I feel as if I only hear about bloggers working out and cooking. (But maybe that is the basis of their blog and they don’t want to mention friends?) In my eyes, working out and cooking are awesome, but friendships are so important as well.

I spent some time with my best friend last night and it felt so good to laugh. Like really hard. I thought i’d do a little tribute picture post to my bestie, Maddy!

How do you feel about bloggers and “real” friends? (Am I the only one who notices this?!)

Tell me something about your best friend 🙂


  1. Seeing all these pictures made me smile because you look like you have soo much fun together! 🙂
    My “best” friend is a wonderful person – kind, patient, fun, supportive. We can talk about anything, and can go from being totally flippant to very serious.

  2. Love getting the good laugh in with my friends!! I work with many of my friends (as I am new to my area..more then an hour away from the friends I grew up with) and spend time with them often. I do see my friends from home regularly – but only blog about it occasionally. Most don’t know about my blog and I am not going ot post their pictures all over the internet without them knowing and saying it is okay!!

  3. I agree completely! This was such a cute post! You and your friend kinda look alike, too! 😀

    My best friend is Andy! And I love that we can be goofy together! My other best friend just moved to Florida to be a dolphin trainer so I don’t see her much anymore! 😦

  4. I totally consider other bloggers to be friends too!

    I don’t talk much about my friends on my blog because they didn’t ask for their lives to be documented on the internet and I want to respect their privacy. A lot of them have jobs and affliations with different organizations that I don’t want to jeopardize. I just feel weird posting about my peers! My parents on the other hand are always up for grabs ; )

  5. Gil I am in full agreement. I love posting about aDuBs and I’s friendship. Seriously ha. I do randomly talk about bloggers too to people in the real world. I think they might think I have more blogging besties than real life besties. 😉

  6. What cute pictures! Maybe some people don’t talk or maybe put pictures up because, well can you post photos of people on the internet without their permission. I don’t know, just a guess anyway, friends do make the world go ’round. If only mine didn’t live in different states and different countries from me….

  7. I totally agree!! You and your bud are so awesome, it looks like yall know how to have some serious fun! 🙂 My best friend lives in California, so I haven’t seen her since December! 😦 thank God for Skype though woo!!

  8. Honestly I rarely talk about “real life friends” at this point becuase well… I have very few here in Montreal. I do often speak of my bff back home, but it’s hard here. Alot of my friends (well most of them) ditched me when I ditched partying and while it’s hard, it IS for the best. I Know that once i move and get my life back I will have more of a “real life”

    … Sad. but true. 😦

  9. Cuuuute pictures – you two are adorbs!

    My best friends are like my sisters. This is the quote that describes the four of us “Even though we’ve all changed and we’re all finding our place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we’ll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point that we’re not still friends”

  10. Not weird at all! I think we all identify with each other in a special way.
    I don’t talk about my friends that much because it’s not quiet the style of my blog and sometimes I don’t know they feel about being all over it. But I love them!! My oldest fiends will always be my closest.

  11. You and your friend are so cute! Looks like you guys know how to have a fun time together. My best friend lives about an hour away and I don’t get to see her much but my backup is Kyle (but sometimes boys just aren’t as good as girls!) 🙂 He’s always around and we know how to have a good time.

  12. You and your friend are like twins! just looking through the pictures made me smile.
    I feel uncomfortable putting pictures of my friends on my blog without asking, though I did for prom. I haven’t seen my best friend in ages. She lives in Texas and I was actually supposed to see her today, but she never really got back to me about it! She is the total opposite of me but I think that makes our friendship really cool and fun.

  13. aaawww such cute pics 🙂 I miss my friends .. specially girlfriends.. your photos took me back to those days .. trying out dressing .. and going crazy and laughing out loud at silly lil things!! Friends are fun and without them life sucks!

  14. Bloggers do have friends outside of the blogging world, lol. But we have the option to show what and who we want on our blogs and sometimes because they’re a part of our everyday life, our besties aren’t included.

    My besties live on my street, will be a part of my bridal party, and are just as nutso as I am! 🙂

  15. Wait! We are suppossed to have friends? But all I do is blog, cook and workout :). My BFF knows about zee blog but other firends dont so for privacy issues I dont want to put them on line without permission, and I dont want to ask them so i can keep my blog private outlet for me, so i dont feel censored

  16. Aww you two ladies are adorable! So precious to have such a close friend! 🙂

    I definitely am with you when it comes to calling my fellow blogger’s “friends”. I’ll be talking to Christopher and be like, “oh, one of my blogging buddies said…” or whatever. Good stuff for sure. My blog is one about our life. That includes a bit of everything which is why you’ll hear about our friends on there as well, but I’ve read blog posts by some of my blogging buddies who talk about how they feel uncomfortable blogging about their social lives because either (a) that’s not what their blog is about or (b) their friends don’t know about the blog and they feel it’d be awkward to put up photos of them without their knowledge. ‘Cause you’re right – friends make life sweeter. 🙂

  17. OMG these pics are all SO cute!!!

    I don’t blog about my friends much because my close friends — the blog-worthy ones I guess 🙂 — all live back home so I never see them! I’d feel so weird blogging about, like, a conversation we had by phone hahaha.

  18. you guys are so cute!! it looks like you have had a lot of good memories together (:

    I blog about my real friends because they all read my blog & I know they don’t care if I put up pictures of them. (if they are on facebook then it should be fine on my blog IMHO).

    I know some bloggers try to stick to a healthy living blog where it’s mostly diet & exercise rather than their day to day lives. It just depends on the audience they are targeting I think (:

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