Farewell, so long, sayonara, peace out girl scout, bye bye, see ya later alligator. On Sunday my family + Jimmy’s family leave for our cruise to Florida & the Bahamas.

I am prepared for the cruise this time. This time I will not be getting sick because I have these:Nausea relief to the rescue!

Hannah and I spent some time this evening baking chocolate chip cookies and poppy seed muffinsI’m the pale egg and she’s the tan one because of our skin!

I’ve spent some last cuddle moments with Lola

Words cannot describe how much I adore my dog 🙂

I’m ready to spend time with Jimmy and his family…

as well as my family too..

I can’t wait to be doing stuff like this again:

I’ll also be reading, eating yummy foods, laying around, and reading my Bible lots!

I can’t wait to share everything that happened + all the different foods I enjoyed when I come back and how the knee injury is going. Until then…

Farewell 🙂


  1. I’m jealous too! Have TONS of fun!!!! Oh hey and I made a package to send you on like June 1st and it’s still sitting in the car waiting to be dropped at the post office… Whoops! I guess I’ll send it after your cruise

  2. I hope you have a great trip it sounds like it will be awesome!

    Me and my sister are like that too!!! Except opposite of yall 🙂

  3. I come back from a trip and you’re gone! Boo!! Ah well, I’m excited for you. I LOVE cruises. Then again, I don’t get motion sick. That could ruin a cruise real fast! I can’t wait for your trip recap.

  4. Great review! You actually covered some nice news on your blog. I came across it by using Bing and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the RSS, it’s very great 🙂

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