An injury

I have noticed that sometimes often runners get injured. I am now in the “injured club.” I went out for a run on Tuesday morning in a local park to run 7 miles as prescribed by my cross country training plan for college. (This is a picture before a 5k)

The park has a trail that is a big 1 mile circle around a lake. I ran 5 miles and my right knee started to ache so I switched directions so see if maybe the circular turns were bugging me. It hurt even worse after I switched directions so I limped to my vehicle and went home to ice.

(another old picture but you get the idea)

On Tuesday I could hardly walk. I wore a knee brace the whole day that I had form a former injury on the opposite leg. I remember this pain from last summer.

I was about 1.5 months from completing my first marathon and my knee started to hurt and hurt and hurt. I didn’t run the marathon 😦


Anyways, I emailed my coach and he said to rest it (duh) and cross train for a few days. He also said that if it doesn’t feel better in a few day then I should go to my doctor. The problem is that I will be on a cruise in a few days and my knee doesn’t seem to be feeling much better.

So cross training it is! I always feel bad for people when they have an injury but I just try to take mine in stride and keep a positive attitude. What is the point in complaining? I’m going to enjoy more time off of running.. especially while I am on a cruise 😉 (unless my knee feels any better) I did some of this yesterday:

Making weird faces and swimming 😉

Any ideas as to why my knee suddenly hurts like crazy?!

How do you deal with injuries?



  1. Hopefully resting helps!!!

    I seriously dont deal well with injuries… I was the fool running on a treadmill with my broken arm wrapped to my upper body to keep it steady ahahah

  2. when my achilles tendon started giving me problems, i just cross-trained as well! I biked and did some light lifting (I’m not exactly the bomb at lifting so anything I do is light!)

    I hope your cruise is WONDERFUL!!

  3. I hope your knee will be okay! Do you heel strike? I think thats hard on your knees if you do 😦 Have fun on the cruise and rest up! 🙂 I hate getting injured but luckily it rarely happens to me.

  4. I have heard runners knee is pretty common is people that begin to run a lot more or when you start approaching about 40 miles per week. Does it hurt on the inside/outside/back/front? My brother had a pretty severe case of it. I would back off and do swimming like you said. I’m personally kicking you out of the club. okay bye.

  5. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your knee! 😦 I’ve always had issues with my left knee, it got really aggravated too due to being a catcher for softball. To deal with it, I wore lots of braces and took lotso advil haha
    Hope you get well soon so you can fully enjoy your cruise!! 🙂

  6. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your pain! Hope it gets better as soon as possible! My knee also started to hurt like crazy a couple of months ago. I had to visit a doctor (actually many doctors), but they found nothing. I got some kind of gel to relieve the muscles around and it might have helped, because the pain went away, but I am not sure it was because of the gel…

  7. Sorry your knee’s bugging you? I had bad knee pain a couple years ago. I stopped running (found a love of yoga, weights, and cross training), got new shoes, custom orthotics, and physical therapy! Not to scare you, haha 😉

  8. Aww girl hate to read this! I hope your knee feels better very soon! What part of the knee hurts? I always get issues with the inner of my right knee when I run! Injuries are a hassle but they happen. Take care of yourself my dear ♥

  9. OH NO! I hope your knee will get better before your cruise! Rest well now when you can…. Arh I feel so bad… (sorry I don’t do exercise enough that I don’t know what went wrong…)

  10. Ouch!! I hope you are feeling better in no time flat!

    Also: I definitely have that EXACT bag of broccoli and use it the same way you do 😉 It’s perfect for my traps haha.

  11. Sounds like it could be runners knee. My dad has had it and always gets it when he starts upping millage a lot.
    I’m in the cross training boat too. So fun 🙂 hope that its feeling better soon and sounds like you are taking good care of it!

  12. When that happend to me I had scar tissue in my knee that was removed through physio, and now I just know my knees limitations and take it easy

  13. One of my knees often hurts after running. It has something to do with patellar stability. If you continue to have persistent knee pain, a doc will be able to target why. But chances are you just stressed it while running and it won’t happen again.

  14. Sorry to hear this!! I hope you get some rest and that it goes away quickly.
    Sometimes new shoes or increasing mileage can do that type of thing.

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