To clarify

Yesterday I posted this picture from where I work:

Yes, that is a gym. Yes, that is all the furniture from the lobby in the gym. LOL.

Fear not! It isn’t a prank someone pulled on me. Though that would be funny.. Everyone was curious as to why furniture was in the gym and where I work.

I work at Penn State New Ken’s Athletic Center and I LOVE my job. In June last year, before I even started college, I got the job through a friend. I sit at the desk and check people in, help spot people with weights if needed, clean racquetball equipment, wash mats, do teams laundry (gross, I know), and just random things basically.

Also, I goof off when no one is around. Jk. That would be never because it is always busy here! But it is quite fun :]

My humble abode.

Okay, now to clarify what is going on with the furniture! Commencement is on Saturday so the floors are getting cleaned. I guess it is a good idea to put furniture in the gym? Crazy!

Anyways, what else is new with me? Well… I have been gardening!

I potted basil, hot peppers, cilantro, and strawberries. I planted my blueberry tree, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and peppers. More to come!!



  1. I love gardening! We got a tomato plant about 2 months ago who I named Jimmy 🙂 So far he’s massive, but there’s still no tomatoes haha!

  2. Haha! That totally makes sense about the chairs. I had friends that worked at the gym at my college and they did pretty much the exact same things you do. 🙂

    Lovin’ your garden! Can’t wait to see it grow!

  3. My bf used to work at a university athletic centre it was pretty awesome. I could work out all the time and hangout with him at work is sweatpants…good ol days

  4. Haha! I love your goofiness! 😀 Oooh you planted some veggies and fruits! I guess you will be reporting about this too, right? Excited. I can’t plan anything in my backyard because deer and wild animals in the canyon next to us ate every single plants we planted.

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