Decisions, Decisions-I need your help!

Like I said in my post yesterday, I visited a college that I am looking to transfer to next year. Nobody that I met could believe I was already in college. *sigh*

So my mom and I headed to Seton Hill for the afternoon to meet with the track/cross country coach, have lunch w/ the team, and get a campus tour.

It is pretty and that hill is dubbed the ‘cross country hill’… scary.

We even got our very own parking spot!

The lunch with some people on the track/cross country team was nice, everyone seemed pretty normal and friendly. The dining hall was very nice as well, lots of options! The dorms were just .. okay, but what do you expect-it is college.

Did I mention I was accepted? Well I am. The only issue is the price. The tuition is around $37,000. That is insane. My family does not get any financial aid. I am working with the coach and school to be able to get scholarships so we will see.

I don’t have a problem with Penn State (Where I go Β now)

I am a commuter to the New Kensington campus. I like living at home and I like all of my classes (except math!!!).

So why Seton Hill?

I guess because I know they offer a better education that will challenge me.

I will be living away from home for the first time (gulp..). [Note: it is only 30 min. away]

I was recruited to be on the cross country, indoor, and outdoor track team.

It is bigger than Penn State New Kensington by 1,200 students.

So at this point, if I can get enough scholarships, I am good to transfer. But I am having mixed emotions. I love my little college now, but maybe more opportunities await me at a bigger and ‘better’ college. Of course I have been praying non stop about this. But I like all my bloggy friends opinions…

In your opinion/from your own experiences: Should I stay at Penn State or go to Seton Hill?



  1. WOW, it sounds like such a great opportunity. The price is reallllly expensive. You should do whatever you think is best for your education and try and not worry about the financial part. I hope you get a scholarship so it will make your decision a little easier because you will not have to worry about the money and you can make your decision on two level playing fields!

    Goodluck girl, you will do the right thing!

      1. Hmm…if you’re a freshman this year, I’d say go for it! You’re not too far into your college career where it would be a pain to transfer. I looked into transferring my freshman year….filled out the application and never sent it. I still regret it to this day. Sometimes you just got to go with it…if you decide you don’t like it, you can always transfer back. πŸ˜€

        Good luck!

  2. I can’t really advise you, other than to say keep praying. These decisions are so difficult but they have to come from within. Meanwhile, it sounds like you have two great alternatives!

  3. Going away to university was honestly the best choice for me. Yes, I only did a year bnefore up and moving to montreal (also for school), but living in dorms, beingo n my own and experianing that life helped me decide what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be!

  4. Oh. This is a hard one. I would have loved to go away to college when I was an undergrad. I stayed at home and commuted all 4 years.I also worked part time while goof to school. I never got the real college experience (in my opinion). But when I got out of school, I had no debt who’d meant more freedom for me after college. With no student loans to pay back I didn’t have to get a job making x amount in order to afford my student loans. So more opportunity to take my time job hunting and figuring out what it was I wanted to do.

    I’d say, if seton can come up with the money go for it. If not, I would stay at Penn state. Also, what are you majoring in? Which school has the better reputation for your major? Which has better job placement? It seems to me that he difference between a state school and a private school when it comes to getting jobs is minimal. But the tuition difference is huge. Actually, not being from here, I wouldn’t have ever known about seton hall but Penn state, I have heard of. The difference between say going to harvard and goingto a state school when it comes to employment is huge and then I would definitely tell you to go to harvard.

    I guess this is a long winded way of saying: if they can come up with the money go. If not Penn state is a very good school. I would stay there.

  5. Hey girl heyyyy, okay in my experience with transferring (3 times….) Make sure you really like it, don’t just go on a money basis, because money will come and go, loans can be paid off, and as you know everything happens for a reason. Which ever decision you ultimately make will be the right one and you will embrace whatever experience that may be. It seems like Seton Hill sounds like more opportunities but honestly you can make the most out of wherever you go! Be confident in either choice! <– I know I literally didn't give you a seton or stay at penn but I really don't know enough to pick hahaha. My advice is though if you do transfer make sure you are outgoing and meet people, the fact it will only be your soph year helps, transferring here as a junior was tough because by junior year people have already made friends and aren't really looking to make new friends…plus I look young so everyone thought I was a freshmen. It's now my second semester here and I'm just starting to make new friends and finally liking it…

    I'm putting you in my prayers and I hope you figure everything out πŸ™‚ I have faith in you- you are a smart girl!

  6. Okay, so just going with my gut feeling, IO think you should go.
    From what you wrote the only thing stopping you would be……wait a minute….nothing!

    30 minutes away? Pshaw. That’s nothing and living on your own needs to happen. It is such an important life experience.

  7. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on being accepted to Seton Hill!

    College is such a big decision, and finances are often a huge factor these days. Part of the reason I transfered to PSU after my freshman year of college was because at my old school the tuition was insane – and I was on scholarship!

    At the end of the day it is your decision. I don’t think there is a “right” or “wrong” choice here. I know you will make the most out of whichever place you decide!

  8. Hi Allie! Thanks for showing love on my blog.. you are so sweet.
    This is a tough decision.. I think you should weigh all your options.. and take the opinions of others seriously.. but ultimately, make sure the decision is yours! I would make a list of pros and cons for sure!

    It is an awesome experience to finally live away from home. If you love to run and want to excel, then I say go for Seton Hall. You will be away from home.. but still close enough to have the support of fam and friends at home! It is definitely a wonderful opportunity. Do your research.. make sure you think you will get along with the girls on the team.. and maybe it is time to go outside of your comfort zone!!

  9. Sorry, I’m late to this discussion, but I think if you imagine bigger and better things for yourself you owe it to yourself to go for them. If you don’t at least go for it, you’ll probably regret it. Can’t wait to hear how everything works out!!

  10. hey allie πŸ™‚
    i never thought of leaving home and studying in china ,
    there were quite a few hard bits and changing courses and places can be a real challenge, but it’s been such a growing experience i shall never regret !
    support from my friends and family n god are real important along the way ~
    think about it and do what you feel , go girlie :3

    good luck !

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