My life in 30 days, day 12

My life in 30 days, day 12 = A picture of your favorite artist or band

This is lame, but I personally don’t have a favorite band or artist. I hardly listen to music! Only when I am in the car. I wish I was really into music but I just turn on the radio to anything catchy. I’ll listen to country, rap, screamo, classic rock, oldies. You name it and I’ll probably listen to it 🙂 Sorry for the lame answer today!

So, 2011 is coming up. Actually tomorrow is New Years Eve.. what?! Already? Typically on the eve of the new year I can be found at my church playing pictionary and eating from the buffet of homemade goodness. (I always bring apple pie!) But this year it will be different.

I will be at a wedding!! For my cousin Stephanie and her fiancé, Chad. The wedding ceremony starts at 4:30 PM and I am guessing that the reception will go late into the night and possibly into 2011. Pretty cool! My little sister wants to leave the reception early to go here:

Yes, that is an ice skating rink. On a football field. This is Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The NHL’s Winter Classic will be held here. Public skating has been going on for a week now and ends on New Years eve. That would be a fun way to bring in 2011, so we’ll see!

[Swim practice went well yesterday; favorite set? 10×100 breast stroke on 2:00 sprint. This was after 3 sets of 1×500 then 5×100 on 1:40 with paddles. Fun stuff ;)]

For today I have my last swim practice of 2010. I must also find a dress for the wedding, shave my SUPER hairy legs, and possibly even get my bushy eye brows waxed!

What are your plans for December 31st?!


  1. I actually listen to anything on the radio too. I don’t normally have too many big new years plans either. I usually just spend it with my family. ?this year, i’ll be in Puerto Rico though. Which reminds me. I should shave my legs for that endevour too.

  2. Have fun at the wedding! We’re keeping our fingers crossed for cold weather in Pittsburgh so they can play the game outside. Go Sidney!

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