My life in 30 days, day 12

My life in 30 days, day 12 = A picture of something you love

You know I can’t put just ONE picture… I love everything! (Except mean people, LOL)

My Tassimo brew bot <33 1 cup of coffee in seconds!

Coffee, obviously.

Swimming!! Sometimes… sometimes I hate it 😉

Camping and feeling all grimey and playing in the woods. Then coming home and taking a shower and eating normal food and watching tv 😉 I kind of want to go camping for my honeymoon one day, weird?

This list could get seriously long. I love walking my dogs, reading, scrapbooking, cooking, baking, going to church, praying, shopping (sometimes), eating, traveling, running… ETC!

OH YEAAAHH, I promised shark pictures 🙂

Breaded &+ fried! We also baked it, but I went to bed before it was done 🙂

Have a great day!




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