My 1st Road Race

I’ve been thinking about blogging this for a while because it is a fun memory to me! My first road race was a 5k in April. It was called the Roundup Rerun 2010.

This is the course description:

The course starts out with downhill ease on the main road, turns onto a back road with slightly rolling hills, and ends back in town with several hills and dips to end with a challenging uphill climb.

Not too shabby, right?!

That’s me all ready to run! (Those are NOT running thights, those are LEGGINGS.. hahahha)

I had run some track in high school and middle school but I did hurdles not 3 mile races so I was quite nervous for this race, even though I had trained properly!

Me, my mama, and sister arrived at the race early and I was intimidated! Everyone looked like they knew what they were doing! People had calf compression socks on, running watches, special shoes, you name it-someone had it. I was like “should I be stretching or jogging around like everyone else?” “Should I drink water or Gatorade?”

Those thoughts all stopped because it was about to be time to line up!!

Somehow, I had figured out how to put my chip on as well?! Cool!

The race probably had about 200 people, so it was quite small and nice in that way. The started played the national anthem and the gun went off. I had no idea where to go so I just followed the crowd. We ran first through a cemetery which was very cool. Then some rolling hills and a water stop. (Which I didn’t stop at) At mile 1, a timer said my time was 7:15- I was like WOAH GIRL you need to slow down you have two whole miles ahead of you!

Around mile 2 I started to relax and enjoy the race! I was looking around and really enjoying myself. I was around a few young teens around my age and we were all friendly with each other. I ran past 3 cows and they said “MOOOOOOOOOO” I smiled and ran faster.

I felt like the race was never going to end and the last uphill was pretty big, but I finished!

I’m not afraid to say my time & i’m not ashamed of it 🙂

I got a 24:08 and my pace was 7:47! I was STEAMING HOT at the end of the race, so I learned no more sweaters when I run 5k’s in April haha.

The best part was the finish, I got a water bottle and my mom and sis were there to greet me. We headed to the award ceremony and guess what?! THEIR WAS SO MUCH FOOD! YES!! I had pineapple, grapes, apple, banana, ETC! Coffee as well. My sister liked the 5k because she got to have the snacks too 😉 (Now she does 5k’s as well!)

Hannah and I at the finish. (Can you tell from my posts that I am really close with my sister? I LOVE her!!)

At the awards ceremony I got a medal for 1st place in my age group but I didn’t care. I was hooked on running.

I did so many 5k’s this past spring I feel bad for my family having to come watch me and cheer me on. It was like every weekend! Now my times have improved, I’m down to a 21 something! I haven’t done a 10k yet but I started to train for a marathon that was to be in October but I got injured and ran a half marathon instead.

I LOVED the half! I love running 🙂

Have a great day everybody!



  1. Thats’s awesome! Youre really fast. Haha i’ve only done 2 5ks so far and my first was time 27 something. I was shooting for a 25 on the last one but it turned out awful 😦 Im not a very fast runner but I love it anyway no matter what my time is! 🙂

    And you and your sis are so cute together! I always wanted a sister :p

  2. I remember that race like it was yesterday… soooooooo proud of you! ❤ and all the races after— you have a gift from God girly Q — and it's running!! Also, it doesn't hurt that you're an awesome swimmer too – so I think more triathalon's should be on the horizon!!! Love you baby girl.
    Madre 🙂

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