Monday: Check.

Yes, Monday is finally over! (well, in a few hours to be technical). Do Mondays ever seem like they go really fast for you? For me they just fly by as the day goes along and I don’t know why! I always spend Mondays day dreaming about what I did over the weekend :p Friday was burrito night in the Smith household:

2 Cups of chopped rotisserie chicken + 1 can of corn + 1 can of black beans + 1 cup of salsa = yum.  Heat it up in the microwave for 2 minutes and add some cheese (yes.. I am addicted to cheese) and you’re good to go, man!

Cute, isn’t she?!

Friday night swim practice was tough only because I didn’t want to be there. But I got through it thinking about going to Target with my mommy! I got my puppy a new leash. I. Was. WAY. too. Excited.

I went to bed very early because Saturday meant my campus’ 32nd annual Turkey Trot that I helped plan!!!

Part of breakfast was a pear with peanut butter. I didn’t used to like pears but I find myself eating them when their aren’t any yummy apples left in the fridge 🙂

Here are some pictures from the Penn State Turkey Trot:

I arrived at 8am to set up… ummm.. can you tell I am a perfectionist? Ha….

The turkey raced the Nittany lion, LOL. (the lion won..)

After I completed the race (and beat some boys in a few of my classes!!!!!) I sold raffle tickets to benefit cystic fibrosis!

My sister, Hannah, won 2nd for women under 25 and recieved a $20 gift card to Pounds Turkey Farm!! (too bad we won’t be home for Thanksgiving!)

After cleaning up from the race, I was SOOO happy to be done with everything. Look how happy !

(Still had my shirt on, LOL) I drove out to my boy’s house<33333

We went to Giant Eagle’s Market District for dinner and I got my mom her Christmas present. (but I can’t say what it is, just in case she actually reads my blog-haha) Do you ever get people Christmas presents way before it is necessery?

Dinner = Dill salmon, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, salad, stir fry veggies, vegetable soup, berries + granola + yogurt, and a PUMPKIN PIE PARFAIT! I head butted my boyfriend because I was so excited… 🙂 It was sooooo gooooood!!!!

Sunday I went to church and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned my room .. blah!!!

I found time to bake though. Guess what I baked??

Big ol’ banana muffins

I gave my momma a card because she cared for me this week when I had a rash all over my whole body and it hurt. What a champ! Thanks mommy 🙂 She deserves a lot more than a card.

This morning I walked Lola and the sky was pretty… per usual.

Then I drove to campus and it was SCARY FOGGY!

Okay, I must be going. This was a long post, sorry! This week is busy with homework + paper’s to write and help out others with 😉 –> I got your back girl!!

Have a great day everyone 🙂

I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.”

Psalm 16:2


  1. I’ve finally caught up on your blogs!! I love you baby girl… thank you for the beautiful card, it really made my day (actually my week!). I’m so glad you’re feeling better — just don’t EVER TAKE STERIODS AGAIN!!). lol… also, thank you for not mentioning my Christmas present; as I LOVE to be surprised, just as you do!
    Congrats on being the first girl to cross the finish line at the Turkey Trot!! You’re awesome!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ❤ MADRE

  2. Mondays DO go fast for me but I always dread them since it’s the day I work at the job I don’t like. Although it’s really not that bad.. I think I just dread it because I feel like dreading something.

    I LOVE the fog! It’s definitely creepy but that makes it cool.

  3. I love Mondays! My favorite day of the entire week.

    Haha its always fun to beat the boys in a race! 🙂 Our turkey trot is on thanksgiving morning.
    I love fog but we never get much here which is probably a good thing because driving in it is scary.

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