United States Military

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a special day to me because many people in my immediate and extended family have served in different branches of the military.

In fact, both of my parents served in the United States Navy. That’s actually how they met!


My mom enlisted in the Navy in 1984 and served for over seven years as a yeoman. A yeoman is someone who does administrative work. My mom had to opportunity, through her service in the Navy, to travel to Portugal, Mississippi, Florida, New Orleans, upstate New York, and was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia.

USS LY Spear

Mom worked on Pier 22, on the USS LY Spear.


My dad entered the Navy in 1981 and served for four years. He was a cook and a diver, working on a submarine and spent up to 55 days underwater. My dad had to opportunity to travel to Italy, San Diego, Spain, Scotland, Bermuda, Florida, England, Connecticut and was also stationed in Norfolk, Virginia.

The submarine that my dad worked and lived on was called the USS Bergall.

USS Bergall

I’m so thankful to my parents and everyone who has ever and will ever serve our country in the United States military!

Happy Veterans Day!