portrait photography

August Photography Challenge

This blog post should probably be titled “August Photography Challenge So Far” because I’m not quite finished. I started the challenge in Mid-August, so I’m going to finish late. Fashionably late? Maybe.

I decided to complete a photography challenge to get myself out of my comfort zone (aka portrait photography) and capture more of my daily life. I’ve done one photography challenge in the past (here and here), and enjoyed it. This time around has been no different!

Here’s the prompt and photos one through nine.


1. Your handwriting


2. Hands


Is one hand okay? I was beginning to make tomato sauce from the bounty of our garden.

3. Water


Excuse the dirty window. I promise it’s only dirty on the outside 😉

4. A picture of you


5. Something you made


I didn’t make the picture, but I did color it. Yes, I have an adult coloring book. It’s amazing.

6. A favorite place


Home, with Jimmy and Lola. Bonus if the news or weather is on television.

7. In your bag


A water bottle (that doesn’t even slightly fit in my purse), my phone, two coin purses, pepper spray, cinnamon gum, a coupon organizer, and my beloved planner.

8. An activity you love


Mine and Lola’s daily walk.

9. Transportation


Walking is my favorite form of transportation.

So there you have it, the first nine pictures of the challenge. Hope everyone has a great weekend!