Made To Crave For Young Women

My Top 10 Books of 2012

One of my goals for 2012 was to read 50 books. Right now, I’m on book number 47! You can see all of the books I’ve read this year and last year here. You can also see my post on my favorite books of 2011 here.

The following books are my top 10 favorite books I’ve read in 2012:

10. Save Me – Lisa Scottoline (This was a page-turner for me!)saveme

9. Interpersonal Conflict – William Wilmont & Joyce Hocker (This was actually one of my textbooks last semester. I loved it that much!)interpersonalconflict

8. The Vow: The True Events that Inspired the Movie – Kim & Krickitt Carpenter (The movie based on this book came out around Valentine’s Day. It’s actually a true story and the couple in the book are Christians. It’s truly a crazy and amazing story!!)thevow

7. The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir – Gaby Rodriguez (This is another true and crazy story!  This book was also made into a movie.)thepregnancy

6. In the Water They Can’t See You Cry: A Memoir – Amanda Beard (This was written by the famous Olympic swimmer, Amanda Beard. I had no idea she struggled so much in her life. It’s a very inspiring book.)inthewater

5. The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts – Gary Chapman (This book will change the way you view and treat your significant other and loved ones.)fivelovelanguages

4. 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess – Jen Hatmaker (This is a great book about being a Christian consumer. It really made me re-examine my spending habits.) 7

3. You’re Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be – Holley Gerth (The title may sound cheesy, but this book really boosted my self confidence. It’s a great read for any woman or girl.)alreadyamazing

2. Made to Crave for Young Women: Satisfying Your Deepest Desires with God – Lysa TerKeurst (This was one of my favorite books this year. I did a post on it a few months ago.)madetocrave1. Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption – Katie Davis (This was my favorite book of 2012! If I could only give one book recommendation to you, it’d be this one. The author is only in her early 20’s and she’s seriously done some amazing things for the Lord!). kissesfromkatie*

Have you read any good books this year?! Please share!

Made To Crave

I recently read a really, really good book that I wanted to share with everyone. Made To Crave for Young Women: Satisfying Your Deepest Desires with God


Basically, the book makes the point that we crave things each day. We want to be happy, so we look to things that bring momentary happiness. There’s nothing wrong with wanting certain things, but God didn’t create us to rely on those things for happiness.

He made us to crave Him and the happiness that a relationship with God brings lasts forever.


The book explores three kinds of cravings:
1. Emotional – seeking attention from people (mainly boys) instead of seeking God
2. Physical – over- or under-eating for comfort or control
3. Material – wanting new things to feel good

Another point that the book makes is:

We crave what we consume. If we consume and focus on our material, physical, and emotional cravings, we will always struggle with them. If we “consume” God (spending time in prayer, reading the Bible, attending church, etc.), we will begin to crave Him and feel fully satisfied.


The bottom line of the book is:

As humans, we crave happiness…

-No matter how many clothing items you have, how much you do or don’t eat, or how many boyfriends you have, it will never be enough and these earthly things will never make you truly happy. They may make you feel good for a short amount of time, but only God can fully and 100% satisfy you.


I highly recommend this book!!