Birthday package

The knee update

I wonder if everyone is sick of hearing about my knee. I’m sick of hearing about my knee and I can’t wait until it gets better!!

On Wednesday I went to my first appointment with a UPMC athletic trainer to figure out what was up with my knee and what I could do for it. I headed towards the South Side of Pittsburgh for the appointment.

I was feeling a little nervous because I didn’t know what would go down!

The trainer was really nice and knowledgeable about sports related injuries and how body mechanics work. He asked me some questions and watched me walk and (painfully) run.

First, he gave me inserts for my shoes, which helped a lot. He showed me a magnitude of stretches. Some of the stretches were for body parts (the middle of my butt cheek) that I didn’t even know I could stretch. I did a few balance/strengthening exercises as well.

Basically, the trainer said that I over pronate when I run, I have a weak butt, and weak hips. All of those factors cause pain for lil knee! Thankfully, there are stretches and strength exercises I can do to alleviate the pain. (WOOOOT!)

I have to keep going back to stretch and learn more strength exercises and he wants me to do some specific stretches on my own for a few days and then try running… *gulp*

One of my blogging bffs, Jamie sent me a wonderful little package for my birthday!

I love her love for cool duct tape <33333

She made me angels (which I photographed upside down)!! I also got body wash [which I really, really needed hahah TMI], a pen with a picture frame, and an awesome swim cap!!


Tonight, Hannah {little sister}, is having a pool party at our house and i’m making her a decorated cookie cake and chocolate covered pretzels. I’m also life guarding the party.

Sister webcam love <333

I’ll post a picture of the cake sometime soon! Have a great weekend 🙂