Some very awesome representatives from Aeropostale contacted me about their new line, LIVE LOVE DREAM. LIVE LOVE DREAM is a collection of active and lounge clothing that’s stylish but comfortable.


I was sent a gift card to choose some clothes from the website to try out and feature on my blog.

I was really excited to order and try out the clothes and take pictures for this blog post.

Then I had my wisdom teeth removed. Then I had some complications (more on that in another post). You really don’t want to see my puffy face right now. So, I recruited Hannah to be my LIVE LOVE DREAM model (yes, we both love being able to share clothes)!

So, without further ado, here’s a peek at some LIVE LOVE DREAM clothing in action!

Hannah is wearing the mesh popover active sweatshirt in black.

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Her comments: “This shirt is great for winter running and I love the pocket in the front.”

Up next is the long sleeve popover yoga shirt in aquatic blue with the logo lounge flip flops in lemon zest.

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Hannah’s comments: “This shirt if my favorite because it’s so airy and I can wear it out or while working out.” “The flip flops are cute and so bright!”

Last but not least is the seamless racerback sports bra in pink pulse.

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Hannah’s comments: “This is the most comfortable sports bra I’ve ever worn. I love that it’s seamless.”

You can check out Aeropostale’s new LIVE LOVE DREAM line at They’re offering free shipping with any LIVE LOVE DREAM purchase, too!