I read a really great book (<– affiliate link) recently on how to use my phone less and really analyze my relationship with it. I implemented a lot of changes on my actual phone, as well as how I think about it and what I use it for. The changes have been amazing and have left me feeling so invigorated and much more focused.

All of those changes had me thinking about social media and blogging, so I decided to embark on an experiment.

Have you ever heard of the term FOMO? It stands for “fear of missing out” and is a common thing with social media these days. I actually looked up the definition and this is what Google came up with for FOMO: “anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.”

The book I read introduced the term JOMO, which the author states is the “joy of missing out.”

Since using my phone less and focusing on being more present in my life, I have really come to understand the joy of missing out.

So, I’ve decided to step away from social media and my blog for a bit and see if I find joy in missing out on those things as well. There are so many wonderful things about technology today, but there are also a lot of hard things about how it impacts our lives. I’m excited to learn and grow and see what I think about JOMO on this journey!

Thanks for reading 🙂



  1. I’ve heard of FOMO and JOMO before, and I think I should focus on being more intentional with how I use my phone. You know what it’s like…you pick it up to check something or answer a message, and then find that half an hour has gone by!

    I hope you don’t step away from your blog forever, though. It’s always nice to read your posts 🙂

  2. Do what’s right for you, of course, but I hope you don’t take a permanent break from blogging: after reading your posts for years I enjoy them too much to want to be without them forever!

  3. I’m definitely more of a JOMO person than a FOMO person. There are very few things that I feel FOMO over!

    Enjoy the joy of missing out and being present! I would miss you blog if you stopped blogging. I miss your comments on mine too! You always post such sweet, uplifting comments.

  4. I got ready to write my response and read the one above it and saw that Amy has already said exactly what I was going to say. Great minds. 😉 Anyway, praying blessings over your time away. ❤

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