What’s in your kit?

Stephen recently blogged about how people he knows have a “kit” of some sort that goes with their role or job. He was curious about what other people used for work on a daily basis and invited me to link up.

What’s in my kit


Since I’m a dog sitter, I carry around a few items pretty much 24/7:

-Waste bags
-Client’s house keys
-My phone
-Water bottle
-Hat (in the summer)
-Mittens (in the winter)

Based on your job or role in life, what’s in your kit?



  1. My kit is pretty much the same, regardless of whether I’m going to work or whether I’m going for a day out.

    I work in an office, so all I take with me is my bag (wallet, phone, glasses, keys, lipstick, hand sanitizer) and a packed lunch. I recently got a leather satchel-style backpack which I really like. 🙂

  2. My laptop, charger, mouse, and mouse pad are my kit! Bonus items are a binder with the company contact list and a spiral notebook with random notes, logins, etc. 🙂

    I like your ball cap!

  3. If I’m editing photos then it’s my laptop, headphones, planner, and Starbucks app on my phone (because no doubt I’m sitting at Starbucks editing photos, ha!). And if I’m taking photos then it’s all my camera equipment and depending on the age of those being photographed – often stuffed animals to draw out smiles. 😉

    1. Yay for Starbucks!! I always mean to take my laptop there to work on my book! I think coffee + a different atmosphere would do me good, haha.

      And how cute (and smart!) that you take stuffed animals with you for little kids to get them to smile!

  4. My job role just changed, and goes into effect Monday (blog post to come) but it doesn’t really require much in a “kit” other than a packed lunch perhaps!

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