25 Things

25 things you may or may not know about me!

1. I’m happiest when… I’m with dogs.


2. …especially if… We’re on a walk with Jimmy.

3. I’ve always wanted to… write a book.

4. My family and I… are very close. We love each other 🙂

5. I was a terrible… Basketball player. When I was in elementary school, I played in a youth basketball league. My parents told me if I scored a basket during the season, they would take me to a local candy store I loved so I could pick something out. I never scored a basket the whole season, but my parents felt bad and took me to the candy store anyways, haha.


6. My first job was… At a pizza shop.

7. I could probably eat eggs every day.

8. I wish I could… Get over my fear of flying.

9. I was born on the same day as… Donald Trump.

10. My all-time favorite films are… Lilo and Stitch and Sharknado.

11. I do a pretty mean… Roz (the secretary from Monster’s Inc.) impression.

12. I’m still mad… I stressed out so much about having good grades in college.

13. I met my husband… At our church.


14. I always knew I wanted… to plant a garden.

15. I’m not afraid to… try new recipes.

16. I make the best… Corn bread.

17. I have absolutely no patience… with myself, haha.

18. I always cry when… I see other people crying.

19. I’m almost 24 but I still get asked what grade I’m in.

20. I spent two years… Attending private school.

21. I wish… I could run a dog kennel in my backyard.

22. At age five, I was deeply in love with… Animals.


23. I believe if people believed in and obeyed God, the world would be a better place.

24. I can’t stand… cantaloupe.

25. Whenever Shark Week is on, I watch.

Your turn! Tell me something I may or may not know about you.


  1. Love it! I was horrrrrrible at basketball myself. Definitely wouldn’t have gotten candy from the candy store. I just wasn’t aggressive enough. I don’t like people in my space and I’ll give them the stupid ball if it means that they back up a bit.

  2. That choker on your neck in the basketball pic is priceless! Allie, your love for animals is so vast, I’m so surprised you’re not at least a vegetarian. I know we’ve talked about this before so I’ll stop with that question. My heart smiles at your passion for other species 🙂

    1. Haha, thanks Ellie! Those choker necklaces! I keep hearing they’re back in style and that cracks me up because they were so big in the 90s!

      You’re allowed to ask me vegetarian/vegan questions all you want! I think about why I’m not a vegetarian sometimes, too. It’s such a tough balance with a love for animals and wanting my life to be convenient, you know? It’s something I could ponder for days and still just not know!!

  3. Ahh look at tiny Allie! You were so adorable! And check out that little choker necklace. I had one of those too!

    And I love your love for animals. You have such a sweet soul! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh – that basketball picture is priceless!! Looking fierce, my dear!!! I hate flying too… I was recently told if you do something with your non-dominant hand – like knit or brush your teeth – while flying, your brain literally cannot process being stressed. I’ll be that nutball brushing her teeth with her left hand next flight I’m on. Hope you and your sweet family are well!

    ps. How addicting is gardening?! I’m in love. Can’t wait for my next fix!

    1. Hahaha, thanks Patty!! The flying tip was so interesting! I am right with ya, I would totally be the person brushing their their for three hours on a flight!!

      All is well on my end, thanks for asking! How is Laney Lou?! Every time I see a picture of her I smile. She seems so joyful!

      And yeeees! Gardening is super addicting! We are planning on weeding this weekend and maybe planting next weekend 🙂

  5. Your basketball picture is sooo adorable! 😀

    Reminds me of how I could not kick a soccer ball to save my life when I was a kid (probably still can’t, haha). At least I was able to do well in tennis in high school, and of course, find my current love for running 🙂

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