How my 2015 goals panned out

Just like that, 2015 is almost over. It boggles my mind. This year has been absolutely amazing. It was mine and Jimmy’s first full calendar year of marriage, and we have made it out alive so far! I love him more each and every day. Looking back on 2015, I feel incredibly blessed–the things that happened (or didn’t happen!), the blessing of having a roof over my head, loving the work that I get to do each day, the people in my life, and on and on. I am thankful for everything. It has been a year of growth and learning for me.

Aaaaad cue random photo of our dogwood tree blooming in April 😉

I’m here to post about how I did on my goals for 2015, so I’ll try and stay on track with that instead of reminisce on how fast the year went. Below (in italics) are my goals from this post and how I think I did.

2015 goals
“Get organized. I want to get back into meal planning and organize our basement.”
-I did well with meal planning and organized our basement at the beginning of the year. I sliced my thumb on a food processor blade while organizing, but it was successful nonetheless!

“Travel as much as possible. I don’t care where I go, I just want to travel as much as I can!”
-Jimmy and I had a chance to visit West Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.

Visiting the Outer Banks in August. I miss it so much!

“Write. I want to write as much as possible by journaling, blogging, writing letters, freelancing, etc.”
-I think I wrote almost every day–either in my journal, in letters, or on my blog–in 2015. I would have liked to do more freelancing, but there’s always next year!

“Take care of my nails. I pick at my cuticles until they bleed. Must. stop. doing. that. I figure that if I paint my nails regularly, I’ll be less likely to pick at them.”
-I started out really well with this goal. I painted my nails each Sunday for a few months and then fell off the bandwagon. I did pick back up with this goal at the beginning of this month, though!

“Decorate a room in our house. I am terrible with decorating. I want to decorate at least one room this year. I’m pathetic, I know.”
-I did okay with this goal. I didn’t fully decorate one room, but I did sparsely decorate our living room and bedroom. I bought curtains for both rooms, a comforter for our bedroom, and some decorations for the living room. I also painted a mandala on a canvas for our bedroom.

“Plant a garden. From what I’ve heard, the previous owners of our home had an incredible garden and composted a ton. Now the garden area is full of weeds. I know it has potential, though!”
-It turned out that the garden of weedin’ was a garden of Eden. Sorry for that cheesy joke. Jimmy and I planted our garden in May and we still have kale growing now in December. It has been awesome and I can’t wait to do it all again in 2016.


“Read 50 books. I’ve been trying to do this every year since 2011, haha.”
-After years of trying to complete this goal, I finally read 50 books in a year. I attribute this accomplishment to audio books and being finished with college. As of right now, I have read 71 books this year.

“Read the Bible again. Jimmy and I have started reading our chronological Bible together, and are hoping to finish the whole thing in 2015.”
-This was a bit of a lofty goal considering mine and Jimmy’s busy schedule, so we left off somewhere in the Old Testament a few months into 2015. We figured that we were better off spending time studying portions of the Bible for understanding versus trying to read the whole thing in a year and not fully grasping everything.

“Re-read The Purpose Driven Life. This will be the third time. I love that book.”
-I finished the book in June. Loved it just as much as the first two times I read it.

Overall, I did pretty well with what I set out to accomplish in 2015. Aside from the above goals, I had a lot of personal growth as a person and a Christian in 2015, which is what I am most thankful for. God has taught me a lot about myself and I’m excited to see what He has in store for next year.

I’ve thought about what I’d like to accomplish in 2016, and it’s going to be very different from previous years–in a good way. I’ll be blogging more about it at the end of this month or in early January!

Do you set goals in January?
How has 2015 been for you?


  1. I think we all set out with more rigoreous goals. You had a whirlwind of a year and I think it was a successful year for you and I can’t wait to hear what you have in mind for next year!

    1. So true! It’s like each year we think we will be able to do a lot of things or a few really tough things, haha. It was definitely a whirlwind of a year, especially with work. I had no idea pet sitting would take off so well, and I’m glad it did! I’m so pumped to share what I have in mind for 2016 🙂

  2. You did pretty well with this list! I hate waiting until January to set goals so I set them almost as soon as I think of them haha. One I have been working on is being grateful. Living is gratitude makes me so happy. I don’t think about bad things as much. I would love to continue gratefulness in 2016

    1. Thank you, Ellie! I think that’s the sign of a high achiever–reaching for your goals as soon as you realize them versus waiting until a set date like January 1st. We all need to be more like that!

      I love that you have been working on being grateful! Living in gratitude changes EVERYTHING while nothing may change. Does that make sense? I think it’s such a mental thing. We could see a car repair bill as a burden, or we could think “Wow I have a car!” you know? Nothing about the situation changes except the attitude. I think continuing to be grateful in 2016 is such a wonderful idea. It’s simple, but so life-giving. ❤

  3. Way to go!! Equally proud and jealous of your 71 read books 🙂 Your garden was just AMAZING this year! If that was the only thing you accomplished, it would be enough haha!

    1. Aww, thank you Kylie! I never thought I would hit 50 in a year (it has literally taken me four years LOL), so to be in the 70s is a fun surprise. I’m pretty sure it’s sue to audiobooks. When I’m at work, I literally listen to books the whole time!

      Thanks for the compliment on our garden! We were shocked at how everything grew! I was just telling Jimmy how much I miss our big, lush garden. Not too much longer and we’ll be getting ready for it again though! Just 5 months… but who’s counting?! 😉

  4. Wow, you did such a great job with your goals! Way to go!!
    I feel the same way… This year went by oh-so-fast. I told Nate that I plan to recycle my goals for 2015, because I feel as though I didn’t have enough time to completely mine. 😉
    And I’m impressed that you read 50 books!!

    1. Thank you, Nicole!! When I started reviewing them, I was like “hey… I actually did do some of this stuff!!” haha. I think each year, I learn more about myself and start to know the types of things I will and won’t stick with. It’s definitely a learning process, but in a fun way!

      This year literally went by in a flash. I can’t fathom that it’s mid-December right now. Like… what?! I think your plan to recycle your goals is actually a wonderful idea! You had a pretty major (amazing!) life event that impacted your year, so I think you can let yourself off the hook :). I can’t wait to see how 2016 goes for you, Nate, and sweet Brady!

  5. So inspired by your commitment to your goals Allie!! I’m glad you had such an awesome year!! Also, your garden looks wonderful!!! I may have missed if you posted about how to start one, I’d love tips!! Cheers to 2016 being even better!!

  6. «we left off somewhere in the Old Testament» hahahaha too cute! (I don’t know why that made me smile) 😀 congratulations on succeeding on so many levels! I don’t think I could have kept up!

  7. love that you wrote every single day. i’m a pretty big fan of 365 projects 🙂 my 2015 goal was to post a picture to instagram every single day, and i can definitely see how my photography improved as a result. my 2016 goal? read to my son every single night 🙂

  8. It sounds like you had a great year! 🙂 Your garden is lovely, and I’m impressed by your book total. I used to read so many books, but now that I’m working and only have time for a few chapters each night, it takes me longer to read one. I always have a book on the go though — at the moment, I’m reading The Taliban Cricket Club. It’s very well-written!

    My main goals for 2015 were to graduate and go to grad school. Well, I accomplished the first one, and then started the second one, before making the decision that it wasn’t right for me. At the start of 2015, I had no idea that I’d be working rather than studying, but it suits me well. 🙂

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