Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a great week. Mine has been busy with a million totally random things, but that’s always how my weeks go and I like it! I’m looking forward to crafting with my friend tomorrow and, of course, Thanksgiving!

Onto today’s post. I always see “photo-a-day” challenges on Instagram, and I thought it would be fun to complete one and share the pictures on my blog. I challenged myself to use my digital camera as much as possible (instead of my phone). So far, the challenge has been a lot of fun! I found a photo-a-day prompt somewhere on the internet, and just went from there.

Photo a day

Here are the first ten pictures.

1.  Your view today


My view was our little home office. I did homework that day.

2. Words


I went to work with Jimmy on a Saturday and cleaned the office area. I like making lists 🙂

3. Hands


Hannah Banana! She was so confused when I was like “Can I take a picture of your hands?!” haha. Also, do you like the little fish “tattoo” she draws on her wrist every day? I used to get in trouble for inking myself like that! I’ll tell you what… the younger siblings always have it easier!

4. A stranger


The stranger = warm weather in November! We did have a guy come to our house to talk to us about installing new windows, but I didn’t take a picture of him because I thought that might freak him out… lol.

5. 10 A.M.


Went for a run.

6. Dinner


Jimmy and I were in a rush to get to church the evening I took this picture, so I made BBQ tofu because it’s so quick and easy to put together.

 7. Button


The button on my winter jacket. I took this before I took Lola on her daily walk.

8. Sun


The sun was spilling into the hallway 🙂

9. Front door


Remember this wreath?!

10. Self portrait 


Used my phone for this one. Oh fiddlesticks. Can’t win ’em all, I suppose!

Do you enjoy photography?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? –> I ❤ pumpkin pie and turkey!



  1. I really love my mother-in-law’s pecan pie with chocolate in it at Thanksgiving. She also makes a great chocolate cake. It looks like you’ve had a fun month with pictures, I should try to take more each day and post some randoms on the blog like you do.

    1. Aw, shucks Amy! Thanks! I love the floors, too because I don’t have to vacuum… I just sweep and mop haha. Which, now that I think about it, vacuuming is probably easier…

      Also, my sister said she read this post and was like “I saw you said younger siblings have it easier” and she huffed at me, haha!!

  2. oh goodness, i thought i was the only one lovin’ on bbq tofu? i swear – it’s so good & sooo easy. i’ve also been wanting to do one of these photo challenges for a while – it’s always fun seeing how people interpret the prompts 🙂

  3. This is a great challenge! I need to find my digital camera…oops. My favorite part of the season[Thanksgiving] is the canned cranberry sauce that retains the shape of the can. I started participating in The Celebration for the Turkeys instead of Thanksgiving this year and I had the BEST no-beef Wellington ever! That might be my new favorite… 🙂

  4. I did a similar challenge like this last year during the summertime. So much fun! Love the creativity with the photos you chose to take.

  5. Oh my goodness, I just love your outfit in the last picture! Absolutely perfect! (And you’re beautiful)! 🙂
    I do love photography!!! 🙂 AND my favorite Thanksgiving dish is definitely stuffing. YUM!

    1. Aww, thanks Nicole!! It was taken before church so I was dressed up. Any other time, you can fine me in sweats and a hoodie 😉

      I’m glad you were able to have some stuffing in the hospital after delivering Brady!

  6. Younger siblings DO always have it easier! I wasn’t allowed to write on myself either! And we definitely weren’t allowed to dye our hair. But when Abby was the last kid at home, all the rules just went out the window! Okay, not ALL the rules, haha! But a lot of ones like that. She definitely dyed her hair quite a bit the last few years she lived at home and I was so jealous. 😉

    1. Aww, thanks Christina! I took that picture before church on Sunday. Any other time, you can find me in sweats and hoodies! And yeah 57 was a miracle here in Pittsburgh! I saw your Thanksgiving pictures and I was so jealous you could wear a dress without tights and a jacket! It snowed here, so we were all bundled up!

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