Life lately in 10 pictures

Thank you to everyone who commented on my recent post. Whew. It was a painful subject to blog about (dramatic, I know..), but I’m extremely glad I did because I’m definitely one of “those people” who gets closure through writing. I’m also always blown away by the support and encouragement I continually receive from blog friends. Thanks, guys!

Alright, onto what’s been going on in my life, in picture form. I have been taking a ton of pictures on my phone lately, but I didn’t want to post them all and bore everyone, so I narrowed it down to ten. That’s pretty reasonable, right?!

1. Pet sitting. I recently did some pet sitting for three rescued dachshunds. I loved it so much! It made me sad to know that such sweet dogs were abused in the past, but I’m happy that they are now living with wonderful owners who totally adore them.


2. Jumping the gun on Thanksgiving. Now that Jimmy and I are married and live together, we can finally host holiday gatherings at our place! I got a little bit overexcited about Thanksgiving and ordered invitations to send to our families. I’m a freak.


3. FaceTiming. Every time I FaceTime with my mom she walks around the whole house and lets me talk to every pet. I think Felix was super excited to see me, ha.


4. Hannah. She slept over and we spent the next day together. She’s been into swimming lately, so she created a swimming workout for us to do together. She definitely kicked my lazy butt!


5. Hannah (again). She turned 16 and got her driving permit. Not real life. I took this picture of her in a store when she tried on a hat. I saw her try it on, and I was like “Go stand by the window so I can take a picture of you in good light!” haha. Poor girl. She’s definitely one of my favorite photo subjects!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

6. Crafting. I have always wanted to use ModPodge. I finally did. Now I’m addicted. More on this in a future post!


7. Giant chocolate chip cookies. Enough said.

006 (2)

8. Eating outside. Jimmy and I have been eating outside as much as possible because we know the chilly Pittsburgh fall (and freezing winter) is coming too soon. Also, that Panera salad dressing? It’s amazing.


9. Writing love notes. Nicole inspired me and now Jimmy and I have been leaving little notes for each other all over the house. It makes me so happy!


10. Lola. I love her. Ignore my crazy face.


If one picture could describe your life lately, what would it be?


  1. Dog sitting! That’s a great idea – a friend of mine does boxer rescue and they are always looking for foster homes until the dogs are adopted permanently. You should look into doing that regularly. You have such a caring heart for animals.

    Those Thanksgiving invites are really pretty! And it’s good that you are on top of that – one less thing to do this fall.

    Finally – my favorite picture is the one of you Facetiming with Felix. He looks very stern.

    1. I have always thought about looking into fostering, especially since I don’t have to clear it by my parents now, haha.

      Thanks for the compliment on the T-Giv invites! I am loving the chevron :). And yeah, Felix is super stern!! He has a funny personality!

  2. My friend fosters animals through the local animal shelter here. He’s currently fostering a white kitten that is deaf and super cute. He’s also fostered several dogs. It’s a great way to give back if you’re an animal lover.

    I love your Thanksgiving invites! We had Thanksgiving at our house last year too… along with a July 4 party, etc. We still had Christmas at Clay’s parents’ though. It’s fun to host holidays whenever you own a home. Those chocolate chip cookies look delicious :).

    1. I think fostering is such a great idea, and I’m excited I can finally look into that, hahah.

      Thanks for the compliment on the invites! I am loving chevron and get togethers :).

  3. LOVE the layout, HA!! So funny this is what you changed yours to because your theme from before was Twenty Ten, which was the one I had FOR YEARS!! Great minds think alike. I need those cookies, and that salad, aaannndd I’m really excited for Thanksgiving.

  4. There’s SO much goodness in this post! 🙂 (But let’s start with the most delicious… those chocolate chip cookies look AMAZING! Ha, ha). Oh, and ordering Thanksgiving invitations is definitely something that I would do! Just think about how special your guests will feel (and how excited they’ll be) when they receive their very own invitation in the mail! 🙂

    1. AND I almost forgot!! I’m so glad that you and Jimmy are having fun leaving notes for each other. 🙂 It’s such an easy thing to do, but it’s amazing how fun (and special) it becomes!

    2. Thanks, Nicole!! I hope our guests feel extra special by getting invites!! I am so excited for the holiday season… but I don’t want summer to end. It’s a conflicting emotion :p

      1. I feel the SAME way!!! Autumn is my favorite season, but I have so enjoyed this summer… So these cool mornings make me happy (because fall is coming), but also sad because I don’t want summer to end! 🙂

  5. Aw pet sitting is so fun! It’s terrible that pets need to be “rescued” at all. People should just respect every living thing. Leaving love notes is a super cute idea! I love random acts of kindness like that.

    1. I agree! I love spending time with other people’s pets! I know, it’s so depressing that animals need to be rescued. *sigh*. And yay for random acts of kindness! They’re the best 🙂

  6. Love the new blog look!! Are you ever going to get self hosted? If you are feel free to ask me – I’d love to help! 🙂
    You are SO cute with your invites!! Seriously. I wish you were in my family, haha! And Mod Podge! Can’t wait for that post. I’ve been wanting to make something with it. Happy Birthday to Hannah! I wish I could be friends with her in real life, lol! ONE more thing – the love notes. That is so sweet. When I get married I want to have a relationship like you + Jimmy!

  7. I love the new site design!! New last name = new blog design 🙂 And the Thanksgiving cards are so cute!! Hosting is going to be a great experience I bet! I love leaving love notes, we use a white board, but sometimes we’ll take pictures if the messages are cute or we’re feeling romantic. i like that you get to keep the notes forever though!

  8. Ahh! So much! Love the new blog layout! Also, that Facetime snap with Felix is HILARIOUS! And the Thanksgiving invites are way too adorable! I’ve never sent out actual invitations to anything other than our wedding before (and a couple of showers I’ve hosted). That is such a cute idea! And yay for dogsitting! We’ve fostered a couple of dogs over the years and it’s always so much fun! 🙂

  9. So sweet. I enjoyed catching up on your life. (I read your update post about the dogs, too. So sad it didn’t work out, but someday it will.) Sounds like life is great right now!

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