Four Words Per Picture

I finished all of my finals. I’m free! Hurrah! My brain is fried, so here are some pictures with four words per caption. Enjoy…

Our mailman loves dogs.

I created our guestbook!

Four pounds of granola.

Getting into scrapbooking again!

Brandy cracks me up.

All things through Christ.

April showers –> May flowers.



  1. My mailman drives by fast and throws the newspaper into the box…sometimes the paper lands in the ditch near the pond =P

  2. YAY for finishing finals! Did you do anything to celebrate?? When I was in college, I remember that the exhaustion would suddenly hit right after finals, and I would sleep in super late the next day. Ha, ha. And I love that your mailman leaves little dog biscuits for your cute doggies! How sweet!

  3. Love the May flowers shot! Congrats on finishing finals!!!! Woo hoo! I hope you celebrated with some tasty cookies. The guestbook looks terrific! And your mailman is a keeper! That is too cute that he leaves treats for the pups.

  4. Awww I love that your mailman brought you guys doggie treats. That is too sweet! Also, our guestbook was a photobook too! I still love looking through it! πŸ™‚

  5. What a cute idea for a blog post! Love that your mailman leaves dog treats and love love love your scrapbooking! I scrapbooked as a kid and looking at this makes want to start again. And CONGRATS for being done with finals! Yay!

  6. I am so jealous you’re done with finals! I’ve still got a month! That is so cute that your mailman left treats. It makes me smile! πŸ™‚

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