Boston Marathon Participants Reflect on Tragic 2013 Race

In honor of the Boston Marathon today, I thought I would reblog a news article I wrote for the Nittany Pride newspaper. Enjoy!

The Nittany Pride

By Alexandra Smith

UPPER BURRELL, Pa.—With the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings approaching, 2013 participants throughout the country say they have emotional memories about the race, but don’t fear running in it again.

Two pressure cooker bombs exploded around 13 seconds and 210 yards apart during the 2013 Boston Marathon. The bombs exploded near the finish line on Boylston Street, killing three people and injuring over 250 others, according to an April 2013 article from

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  1. So crazy…and awful! Bombings, stabbings…so sad! We have to remember all the good things that happen too! It’s too bad tv, news, radio, etc always focus on the bad things that happen. There should be news stories about weddings and parties and random acts of kindness 🙂

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