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I feel like I have a million things to blog about, but I’m going to keep this post fairly short and sweet!

PicMonkey Collage

It has been cold and snowy in Pittsburgh the past few days. I think the snow is so beautiful, and I love how quiet and peaceful winter can be.


I started reading a book about photography, and I have been having a blast learning about and trying new techniques with lighting, framing, and different angles. I don’t consider myself good at photography, and mostly use my iPhone, but I don’t care. I love it, and that’s all that matters to me!


I created a page for my baking bucket list and crossed one item off of the list on Tuesday!

PicMonkey Collage2

Cinnamon raisin honey whole wheat English muffins. That’s a mouthful. Literally. A delicious mouthful! I followed this recipe, and just kneaded the dough instead of using a mixing machine with a dough hook because I don’t have one. It was the perfect recipe to bake on a frigid day!


My family’s house is torn apart. Oh my goodness!! On Saturday, my family, Jimmy and I, our friends from church, and my aunt and uncle met at Phipp’s Conservatory for a nighttime winter garden and light show. After the show, Jimmy and I decided to go back to my house instead of going out to eat with everyone because I was feeling tired.

When we got home, I went inside my house and the toilet was overflowing. The whole bathroom was flooded, and the carpet around it was soaked. Water leaked onto our furnace (which resulted in a scary burning smell), and part of the ceiling in our garage fell. Water was leaking into our garage at a super fast rate, and I was honestly scared part of the house was going to just fall in because there was so much water everywhere. The toilet must have been overflowing for hours.

Jimmy saved the day by splashing through the bathroom, and turning off the water supply to the toilet. He then vacuumed up all of the water (well, as much as he could), checked our furnace, and helped me move things in the garage so water didn’t drip on them. After our eventful night we collapsed on the couch and just laughed. Crazy times!!

So, my house now has some major water damage, and a construction company came in and cut out the carpet to let it dry, and also cut out the drywall up to the water line in all of the rooms impacted by the damage. Whew. I’m not sure when everything will be fixed (hopefully soon because less drywall = less heat.. brr), but I am so thankful that the situation wasn’t any worse than it was!


So, those are just a few things that have been going on in my life lately! I’m still on my winter break from school, which has been quite amazing. In my next few posts, I want to discuss my schedule for the spring semester and wedding/life stuff. All exciting things!

What have you been up to lately? How has the weather been where you live?


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Your poor house! It is really alarming when stuff like that happens. It always makes me feel really vulnerable because a house is such a personal thing. Jimmy did great under pressure in the moment!

    Enjoy the rest of your winter break and STAY WARM!

  2. Oh no! That must be awful. 😦 I hope your house gets sorted out and back to normal soon.

    At the moment the weather is very mild where I am (about 7 Celcius/44 Fahrenheit) and there hasn’t been any snow yet this winter. But in the south of the UK they are having terrible flooding at the moment. I keep seeing it on the news and it looks awful. In some places the water is completely covering the cars and I saw one photo of a rural road with a seal swimming up it! Here’s the picture: Crazy!

    Anyway, I should get off WordPress and stop procrastinating because I have a linguistics exam at 6 pm today and it’s worth 75% of my grade! :S I have been studying a lot for it but I was ill for two weeks and it has left me feeling very tired and fatigued.

  3. I am SO sorry about your house!! Flooding is awful! We had a huge storm a while back and my entire downstairs area was completely flooded and we had to redo the walls and floors, it was terrible!! Sending prayers to you guys for a quick fix! Those temps are awful too..EW!

    I can’t wait to get more into photography!! The iPhone takes AMAZING photos!

  4. I love that you’re baking and learning and taking photos and doing all sorts of fun hobby things! 🙂 And ahh, the poor house! Water damage does not sound fun…..glad it didn’t get any worse though!!! Go you for looking on the bright side! 😀

  5. Eek! That’s pretty bad about the toilet overflowing and it making the house colder now (in addition to all the damage). I have been thinking of you in these colder temps because it’s really not too bad here. The high today is like 46ish but that beats yesterday when it was barely above freezing. The English Muffins look really tasty too.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your house. I know how cold it’s been here and that is something extra that’s just not needed. I hope everything gets resolved and fixed quickly.

    I think the baking bucket list is a great idea. I’ve never thought of that before and I absolutely love baking! I’ll still take you up on the coffee date next time I’m at east!

  7. You know…I’ve never thought about how to make English muffins! Those look awesome 🙂

    So sorry about your house! Our family had major water damage and had to get all new bedrooms and bathrooms. Needless to say, it was COLD in our house while they fixed everything!

  8. Oh my goodness that’s crazy! Hopefully nothing got too damaged? Prayers to you and your family!

    I would have never thought of making English muffins, that is so cool! They look delish! Making bread scares me though… oh well, I have to try it sometime!

  9. Eeeek, the house troubles sound bad especially with the neg. temps you’ve been experiencing! Hopefully things have gotten better (and much warmer) since posting this.

    Those English muffins look phenomenal! I never thought of baking my own since I often have the Safeway brand. It does have preservatives though, so a homemade version one sounds much more appetizing :9

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