Recent Pictures

Hello. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was spent with Jimmy and his family. We played some games, relaxed, cooked stuffed cabbage, and went to Wednesday night Bible study later on. It was a relaxing and lovely day!

Here are some recent pictures that I want to share…

Hannah Banana! I watched her practice a school presentation before she began her Christmas break. She told me that her class was studying China, and that they ordered Chinese takeout for lunch the day of her presentation!

I made peanut brittle for the first time! It was on my baking “bucket list” for a while, and I’m embarrassed that I was so intimidated by it, haha! Speaking of my baking bucket list, I am going to share it soon because one of my goals for 2014 is to bake challenging (to me) recipes that I’ve never tried before.

I sent an order of gingerbread granola to Nikki!

Jimmy and I went Christmas caroling with our church. We had a blast hanging out with our church family, and two of our friends got engaged that evening!

I did Hannah’s hair for her school’s annual winter dance (Last year’s pictures can be found here!).

Christmas breakfast. Boo yah! French toast + eggs.

My brother and sister-in-law said their puppy, Jax, signed mine and Jimmy’s Christmas card, LOL.

I made some homemade gifts in mason jars. I can share the directions and recipes if anyone is interested!

Last but not least, I baked cookies. What’s new, right?

How was your Christmas?


  1. You baked a lot of cookies!! I love the idea of recipes in a mason jar ๐Ÿ™‚ Hannah looks beautiful!! And Christmas breakfast- perfect! It’s been wayyy too long since I’ve had french toast!

  2. I love that idea about the Mason Jar gifts and would love to try that, it would make great Christmas presents for anyone on a budget. Plus you can’t beat a homemade gift! Thanks for sharing the pics of your holiday season!

    1. Awesome! I will have to post the recipes soon! Yes–that was one of the main reasons I used those as gifts… my budget! I’m pretty broke, but I wanted to give something special to the ones I love!!

      1. To me gifts like that are even better, you took up a lot of TIME to make them… finding the recipe, getting the ingredients together, etc. Some gifts like money, gift cards, or simple things, even if you spend it’s not quite as thoughtful as home made!

    1. I can’t believe I just got the courage to break out the candy thermometer and make peanut brittle. I was so afraid. I don’t know why! Now I need to catch up on all of the peanut brittle I’ve missed out on making during my long 21 years of life, haha!

  3. You make so many cookies! You are amazing! Now if you can just make me cookies with refined sugar in them, you’d be my hero. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And I love that Hannah did a report on the Chinese New Year! I don’t celebrate all of the holidays that we celebrated when we lived in China, but I definitely still celebrate the new year every year. ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact I was just teaching the little boy I nanny the “Happy New Year” song in Chinese that we used to sing when we lived there. Ah, good times. ๐Ÿ™‚

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