I definitely don’t think of myself as someone who is great (or even remotely good) with technology or computer software. I had to take a multimedia class last semester, and I had a bad attitude about it. I kept thinking, “I hate learning about new technology and I will never be good at using Photoshop/Dreamweaver/InDesign/etc.”


The final project for the multimedia class required me to create a website using Dreamweaver. It also required me to drink a lot of coffee.

I’m not good with blogging-type technology, either. I like to stick to the basics and I’m not really interested in having a “fancy” blog. [I do love blogs that are designed beautifully (cough, Laura, cough).] I like to think that my writing or what I want to say makes up for my lack of graphics/design/great photography/vlogs/etc.


Lately, I’ve been trying my hand at making graphics with scripture on them. No, they’re nothing special, but it’s enjoyable to share Bible verses on Facebook in a different way! Here’s a few of the graphics I created using PicMonkey.

1 thessalonians 511





What skills are you bad at, but try anyways?

Besides graphic design, I’m also bad at bowling, sewing, basketball, and not being awkward.



  1. Oh god im terrible at this stuff. It’s why I haven’t gone self hosted and haven’t really done anything particularly pretty with mine. I can write, and add pictures from the Internet. That’s the extent of my blog haha

  2. I am awful at bowling too,,,I once was given a trophy for the most gutter balls. I am also bad with blogging technology and all the behind the scenes stuff! Your graphics are cute! I love them.

  3. I really like your graphics! They look pretty darn good to me…certainly better than I could do! Technology is not my strong suit either. I’ve had my blog for over nine months, and I still don’t know all the features of WordPress, haha. I’m also not good at public speaking or not making a mess in the kitchen when I cook 🙂

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Allie!

  4. LOL. I struggle at not being awkward, too. I think the best remedy is just pointing out the awkwardness. I struggle with deciding what I want last minute, like at a restaurant or clothing. I get overwhelmed easy when I have to actually figure out whether I want a or b. I like your graphics! You should Pin them on Pinterest!

  5. I hate technology! I am so bad at all that fancy website/blog stuff. Although I would probably love it if i knew how to do it! Maybe i should take a class or read a book for dummies!

  6. I’m really bad with technology as well. I honestly much prefer less fancy blogs and like you said…ones that writing makes up for it. (which yes, your writing is amazing so that is that).

  7. I’m not bad with technology and actually work at a tech company as a writer… so I have to be decent with it. I’m bad with phones and don’t even a smartphone (yep, you read right).

    But really, I’m just cheap ;).

    The thing with blogging for me is I want it to be a release, and as much as I put into my work at work, I don’t want to do that to my blog because I don’t want that to feel like work, you know? I want to just write for me, hehe :).

  8. I am not good at doing the modern equivalent of ‘reading the manual’ for new tech. I tend to just plunge in and use the new tech without any instruction, then get frustrated when I don’t know how to do everything. But today I did something against that pattern– I read an online tutorial about how to use my camera. Enlightening! And I figured out how to get the setting that I wanted.

  9. I’m really bad at riding my motorbike in the muddy paddocks. I go very very slowly, with an expression of panic/concentration on my face while the boys seem to cruise around quite happily. Not fair! But I stay upright most of the time 🙂

  10. Oh, Allie! I had seen these graphics on your Facebook but I didn’t realize that you MADE them! That is so cool!!! They look so clean and catchy.

    I hate learning new technology, too. I didn’t get a smartphone until several months ago and I still don’t have a home computer. The (unfortunate) truth is that we need to keep up, especially as things develop faster and faster.

    What am I bad at, but try anyway? RUNNING, ha!

  11. Love the graphics! I am not good at technology stuff either, yet I always seem to be the one who is called in when my great aunt and uncle (both in their 80’s) have tech issues. I guess I have a leg up on them at least….

    I am also not a great baker, but I love trying.

    And I wish I was better at running, but let’s be honest, I really don’t put too much effort into it and running is totally something that you get out of it what you put into it. Or so it seems.

  12. They look great!!! Good job, girly! 🙂
    And I’m pretty bad at yoga (as also mentioned in my previous blog haha), but I love it anyway!
    Cooking and I are on again off again, but I also really love to cook so I appreciate the wins and learn from the losses 😛

  13. Love the graphics! Your skills are way above and beyond mine, that’s for sure. I fail at the not being awkward too, but then again, I gave up on trying to be anything but 😉

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