About a year ago, I made some goals and resolutions for the year of 2012. Let’s see how I did!

Life goals/resolutions for 2012
1.Get a job and work  my butt off. I became a Spinning instructor!
2.Travel to Savannah, GA. Didn’t happen. Bummer. 
3.Read 50 books. I read 48. SO CLOSE.
4. Be more generous/surprise others more. I did well with this, but could have done better.

Spiritual goals/resolutions for 2012
1.Continue to have Bible studies with Jimmy and get through 5 more books of the Bible in 2012. We started off well, until school got the best of my schedule. Ugh.
2.Journal 3x a week. I really made journaling a habit this past year. I typically write six days a week.

Health & fitness goals/resolutions for 2012
1. Run outside at least 2x a week in the cold months. I did pretty well with this. I’m not going for this goal again in 2013 though!
2.Run my 3rd half marathon and an ultra or full marathon. I ran my third and fourth half marathon and got the stomach flu before my first full marathon. Fun times. I PR’d in my fourth half marathon. Woo woo.
3.Break 21:00 and/or 20:00 in my 5k. Almost!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA










4.Learn to “back off” when I feel a possible injury coming on. I stayed injury free in 2012. Awesome!


2012 was an amazing year.

One of the reasons I like to make yearly goals and resolutions is because it’s so fun for me to look back on the year and see how I have grown and what areas I still need to work on. Be on the lookout for my 2013 goals soon. I’m excited!

Random picture of the day:

Jimmy and I before we took Lola for a walk.

Jimmy and I before we took Lola for a walk.

How was 2012 for you?!


  1. I think you did great with your goals/resolutions even if you didn’t quite meet them 100%, 48 books is amazing and PRing in the half is too. Really sorry you could not do the marathon, but maybe this year you can :). We have one here in January but I’m doing the half, and if you do go to Savannah let me know considering you pass through my neck of the woods on the way there hehe.

  2. What a great year! You’ve accomplished so much!! You’re definitely one of the few people I’ve ever known to stick to their resolutions, so great job 🙂

  3. You did really well, girl! You accomplished so many of your goals! Hope 2013 is an even better year for you! 🙂

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