A bad night..

Last night was a bad night. I’ll give you the short version and the long version of the story.

The short version: Someone was drunk driving on my street last night and hit my truck (parked on the street) and flipped their Jeep. The long version: I woke up out of a dead sleep around 11:45 p.m. to hear screaming and loud noises outside my window. I thought it was trick-or-treaters being rowdy. A minute later, my mom came into my bedroom and said our neighbor text messaged her saying someone flipped their vehicle.

At that point, I looked outside my window, but couldn’t see much. My neighbor came to my door and said, “An accident happened. Someone hit your truck and they were drunk driving.”

I walked outside and people were running everywhere and yelling. I walked up to the scene and saw the flipped Jeep and also saw that my truck had been hit. I was so afraid that someone was really, really hurt. Thankfully, the person who crashed was actually outside of the vehicle and standing. PHEW. 

The cops, paramedics, tow trucks, and fire trucks arrived in minutes.

The cops had me get my registration and insurance out of my vehicle and I stood with my neighbors, waiting with while they filed an accident report.

The person who crashed must have called his mom… she arrived at the scene and started screaming and swearing at me and my neighbors for “talking about her son” even though I was only standing at the scene because it was my vehicle that was hit (trust me, I would have rather been in bed!). The person in the accident also had a scuffle with the police.

It was pouring rain and freezing outside. The whole situation felt like a nightmare. At that point, I was 98% my truck was totaled. How would I get to school the next morning?

My parents have me park my truck in the street so we don’t shuffle our cars around the driveway because we all leave at different times. When I went to sleep, my truck was on the street. When I woke up, it was in my yard. The person was driving very fast, I assume. It turns out, the person was driving up the street and somehow managed to flip the Jeep so that it ended facing down the street.

The cop approached me and told me that the person who crashed was getting arrested for a DUI and his mother was also getting a citation for disorderly conduct. They began to tow the Jeep and said that my truck had to be towed because it was so damaged that it couldn’t stay on the street.

I arranged for my truck to be taken off of the street with a towing company and was finally able to go back to bed at around 1 a.m.

My thoughts:

  • I’m praying for the person who was in the accident and just praying about the whole situation in general.
  • Drinking + driving is very, very bad. [Duh].
  • I’m super tired today.
  • I hope I’m able to get a new vehicle because my mom had to drive me to school today and that was kinda awkward haha. Actually it was kinda nice to have a chauffeur… 😉
  • My neighbors were super awesome and stayed outside with me and the person who crashed to make sure everyone was okay.


So, while last night was a mess and totally crazy, I am thanking God that everything is going to be okay. Someone was arrested. Vehicles were damaged. I don’t have a car anymore. It’s all okay because things like this are a part of life and no one was hurt.

A car is just a piece of metal that can be replaced. A life, however, cannot be replaced. Thank goodness no one lost their life last night.

I’m just going to say this: If you drink… please don’t get in a car. Have someone drive you. Call a cab. Don’t drink and drive!


  1. Oh wow I’m glad nobody was seriously injured! Sorry about your trick though- I would have been pretty angry so props to you for saying so positive!

  2. That is really scary. I am glad the person was not hurt, but it could have been much worse and hopefully they learn a lesson and don’t do it again. Sadly with Halloween, some people really do party way too much and it gets out of hand. I don’t see why his mom was so mad at you guys except maybe I guess she couldn’t face what her son did?

    Does your insurance cover rentals? I really hope so, or either you could drive one of your parents’ cars to school or a family member who has an extra car? Or someone to carpool with perhaps?

  3. I am so sorry about that! honestly, I think you are so mature and awesome for focusing on the other person’s life. (and praying for them!)

  4. Oh my gosh! What a very, scary evening. I’m really glad that you were safe in your house and NOT in your truck when that happened.

    I’m also glad that person learned a very big lesson without actually hurting anyone. Yikes.

  5. Oh no, that is terrible! That really does sound like a nightmare. I am so sorry this happened, Allie, but it is definitely a good thing that nobody was hurt. You have a right to be upset about your truck, but I admire your ability to see the good in this situation.

    I hope that man learned his lesson about drinking and driving. The consequences could have been much, much worse. Hope your day today is much better.

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