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A Love That Multiplies – By Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar

My who family is in love with the TLC show 19 Kids & Counting (and the Duggar family itself!) so naturally I had to read their book. I’m not even halfway through it, but I’m really enjoying it! If I could describe the book in one word it would be inspiring.


Have you read any good books lately?



  1. I want to read it now! I remember them showing the book on the show once. I like watching it too even though the Duggars and I have pretty different views on a lot of things, it’s a neat show.

  2. I agree with Amy Lauren. The Duggers are so different from myself but I really admire their love and support of each other. Their kids are adorable!

  3. HEY beautiful! I had to come by and say hey!! I havent talked to you in forever! I hope you are doing awesome! I heard that book was good! I love their show.. they live a CRAZY life! love you!

  4. I’m not sure how I feel about that family, 19 kids and all, but I don’t know much about them so I can’t judge. Maybe I’ll check out that book!

    Definitely read ‘The Book Thief’…. it’s so beautifully written. Best not to know what it’s about before you read it either!

  5. I am reading a lot of books right now on children diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorders. It is really helpful for my work life, plus SO FUN to finally have time to read!

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