Upcoming activities

Hey there! Happy Wednesday. I can’t believe it is Wednesday already. I feel like I say that every Wednesday though. I had a pretty relaxing Monday & Tuesday but the rest of this week is fairly busy for me.

Here is a breakdown of what i’ll be up to:

Wednesday: Fitness theory, creative writing, media ethics, and church + (hopefully-depending on homework) a Bible study with Jimmy.

Thursday: Spanish II, walk Lola (if I can stand the cold weather..), and hair cut at night.

Friday: Fitness theory, media ethics, and bowling with my church.

Saturday: *secret* I’ll explain after Saturday!

Sunday: Church, homework, walk Lola, and church again.

Other upcoming activities in my life: Turbo (snow) tubing next weekend with my church and I am trying to get together with my best friend after she is all settled in with the new semester!

Pittsburgh has been experiencing some crazy weather. I took that picture on Friday the 13th on my way to school. I was sliding all over the place. Yesterday (Tuesday), it was in the 50’s but rainy. The rest of the week is going to be snowy and cold- in the 30’s and below. So far this winter has been very mild and I am loving the random spurts of semi-warm weather. It is always fun to try and plan an outdoor run around “warm” weather in January-March!

Speaking of running, I start my marathon training the week of January 29th! I hope to stay injury free and enjoy myself in the whole training process.

What is your fitness goal for this year?



  1. Good luck with staying warm and dry in that crazy weather! Ours has been kinda crazy but not too bad, just typical SC winter which is still fairly warm but also really damp. Plus it sounds like you’re crazy busy with everything going on too so good luck with that. Can’t wait to hear about Saturday!

  2. This weather seriously is freaking weird! My goal is a marathon! 🙂 Though it seems as though I have a new ache and pain every day…today is my shin!! Gah so dumb! I don’t think I am meant to be a runner…

  3. My fitness goals for the year are to do 2 months of the livefit trainer, a month of yoga everyday and to be a smarter runner!

  4. Thanks for the comment.. today was an absolute beautiful day, high 40’s, sun… Another example of our roller-coaster winter we have had so far. It could be worse, other parts of Canada are having temps in the -30’s… Now that’s Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  5. Ok this whole secret Saturday thing might drive me crazzzzzy 😉 Ah well I hope it goes good and can’t wait to hear about it!

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