6 months!

With another year coming to a close, I thought it would be interesting to look through my blog from each month of 2011 and highlight/share the important/cool stuff from each month and what I have learned this year! Here are the first 6 months of 2011:

January 2011

This post (“minimal words”) stuck out the most to me because of the picture in it….

School wasn’t cancelled that day either. Other things that happened in January? I cooked a lot. It snowed a lot and I swam a lot.

February 2011

I ran outside for the one warm day of Feb. and signed up for a half Marathon that night. I also had a delicious shamrock shake from McDonalds! I also made an accent vlog in February.

March 2011

I ran the half marathon that I signed up for on a whim in February. My time was 1:46:16 which is an 8:07 pace. Not bad for 19 degree weather. Brrrr.Jimmy and I also went to Florida together. It was SO nice to be wearing a t-shirt and skirt in the sunny state while Pittsburgh was still experiencing snow and freezing temperatures.April 2011

I showed everyone my baby. My food baby. I get food babies at least once a day. My family had 9 people living in our 3-bedroom house for a week. The extra 4 people were cousins/an aunt from NY. We went to a local park and took goofy pictures.

Jimmy and I went to Phipps Conservatory in downtown PittsburghSwimming ended and I started running more and doing lots of road races. I also celebrated being a vegetarian for 1 month.

May 2011

I won a 5k when it was 86 degrees outside.I made Jimmy a hamburger cake for his birthday.I stated why I wear a purity ring and why I’m waiting until marriage to have sex.I also accidentally ran 24 miles. June 2011

I shared the fact that I enjoyed taking 2 lunches to work… I get hungry okay?!
I ran a 5 mile race in 35 minutes (7:00 pace) and then became injured for the whole month of June.My family + my boy’s family went on a cruise to Florida and the Bahamas. I got to pet a dolphin.*

That is a basic summary of the first 6 months of 2011 in my life.

As I look back, I am able to see how blessed my life was! I was able to travel out of state twice and out of country once. I saw some awesome sights, ran cool races, dealt with an injury, cooked a lot, and spent time with family/friends. Very awesome and blessed indeed. 


  1. That snow is so crazy. I would hate to have to deal with that in the winter! Fortunately I don’t have to ;).

    I love the pictures from throughout the year especially because I wasn’t reading all that time. The food baby is crazy but I get it because I’m also really small so if I eat a big meal, it can happen to me too, just because everything else on my body is so small in comparison. The hamburger cake is also pretty epic :).

  2. I love this recap! What a great first half of the year you had–minus the giant pile of snow and the injury. Okay, some people might like snow, so that one isn’t all bad. Merry Christmas!

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