She made me touch her tumor

People have been working on putting new doors and trim in my family’s house the past two days… So I decided to get some peace and quiet at the local library.

I guess i’m a nerd because I really like going to the library!

Anyways… I have a big economics test today and I’ve been studying hardcore. I recruited my mom to quiz me as well.

Thanks mom! (Even though she was reading the newspaper and ignoring me haha she didn’t even know I took this.)


Funny stores in my life: I run outside in the morning just as the local high school kids get on the bus. Well a bus full of high school kids stopped for me… like the bus driver thought I was getting on. Oh boy haha. Maybe he thought I was running to catch the bus… in workout clothes… before school?

Random picture of me running..

Second funny story: The woman who unlocks the pool at the gym I go to has to get a non cancerous tumor removed from her thigh in a few weeks. Today she made me feel her tumor… and I did. Hahaha.. so random!!!

Okay… seriously going to study instead of waste time blogging 😉

Have a great Friday!



  1. Good luck with the test! Well, those are some stories 😀 I would probably run away if someone wanted me to touch their tumor. But an experience is an experience 🙂

  2. That’s kinda creepy about the tumor. I think I’d be slightly disturbed if someone asked me to touch their tumor (unless it was in a medical setting, of course).

    I have a funny high school kid story… I ran a 5K sponsored by the local high school XC team. Well, all the XC kids and kids who wanted to go out for XC came out that day to run it and figure out where they were in their training. Turns out I beat all but 2 of their runners (the last one beat me by 2 secs, I kinda let him pass bc I didn’t want to beat everyone). After the race, some of the kids on the team were like “Are you coming out for XC, you’re really good!” and all… like I guess they thought I was new in town or something, haha.

  3. Blogging = My distraction from my Sociology/Math History exam. We are awesome. :o)

    I love libraries, too! I get work finished and I just love the whole atmosphere. It puts me in the “studying” mood, I guess. Who knows.

    And people think I’m like 12 and I’m 21. I feel ya.

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