Wisdom teeth diet

At the end of my last post I asked ya’ll to guess what Jim (my boy) does for a living. Dana at My Little Celebration guessed correctly at Jim’s profession! He’s a welder 🙂

He’s dang good at it too 😉 (Hi Jimmy<333)


I also said in my last post that Jimmy got his wisdom teeth out. I am happy to report that he is doing swell and loves the mush foods I have made him!

Rice pudding

Mashed potatoes

He has also been eating my homemade pureed butternut squash soup, yogurt, pudding, fudge pops, iced tea, and whipped cream.

He was even feeling good enough to get in my pool with me on Sunday

We both read books 🙂

The last Harry Potter book for him

One Day for me


Has anyone tried this flavor of Chobani? Is it new or just new to me?! I love it!

Raspberry! I love Chobani with granola ❤

…. annnnd hot cocoa in July! But their was a huge bug in it… and I thought it was a clump of chocolate. BUMMER!


As for running: I didn’t run this weekend, because well… because I didn’t feel like it haha! I am thinking about posting the mileage and workouts that my coach sends each week… would you guys want to see that?!

Have a splendid Monday <33



  1. Oh…..I now remember the time I got my 4 wisdom teeth pulled at once! I’m glad I did it that time so I didn’t have to go through everything again…but still it was a painful 1.5 weeks for me…maybe it was 2 weeks…forgot. I hope for fast recovery for Jimmy!

  2. 1. Whoa that is hard core that he is a welder!
    2. I would love to read about your mileage!
    3. Raspberry chobani is so good! Peach and pineapple are my all-time faves!
    4. That book looks good–what is it about?
    5. So cute that you had a pool reading date!!!

  3. Wow Jimmy doesn’t look puffy at all! I looked like a chipmunk for weeks after I got mine out haha but I sure enjoyed all of the gloopy foods like ice cream! You’re such a great girlfriend to make him all those munchies! 😀 Praying he’ll have a speedy recovery!
    AHH I love raspberry chobani, it’s right up there with my all-time faves!

  4. The raspberry chobani is not new, but it is awesome. It’s my favorite Chobani flavor, followed by black cherry!

  5. This is going to sound really bad bc i loved having my wisdom teeth out. I slept the days away under some powerful drugs and ppl babied me…ahhh good times

  6. i should have made rice pudding when I got my wisdom teeth out! I love that stuff. I love how you read books in the pool. i would love to do that, as long as my sister doesn’t come out and ruin it!

    I think it would be interesting to see your coaches training plan! Glad to see that you took a rest just because you felt like it. We all need to do that sometimes!

  7. Chobani! I love all their flavors. They taste so good.

    And I totally want to see what your coach sends you. I’m a weirdo runner who is interested.

  8. Eww gross about that bug haha
    That is a wonderful flavor of Chobani! I actually just tried that flavor for the first time recently and definitely enjoyed it, yum
    Good idea with rice pudding for your wisdom tooth diet! I could have used that food when I got them out, but I chose ice cream as my food staple 🙂

  9. awe that’s so sweet of you to make him all the soft foods! I saw the Harry Potter movie this weekend and the movie for that book One Day was advertised! It made me want to read the book. I’m not a fan of books to movies but I do like to read movies that are books haha if that makes any sense.
    And I would love to see your workouts. Glad you took the weekend off 😀

  10. Your mug is cute to the max! You’re so sweet to be making mush foods for your man, wisdom teeth succccckkkkkk.
    Posting your workouts would be awesome 🙂 it would totally bring me back to my cross country days and give new ideas for running

  11. I think any tooth ache is the most painful ache and too tough to tolerate! You are such a sweetheart to make all that delicious treat for him and all sound so tempting!

  12. I absolutely adore that mug! Widom teeth are not a fun removal, got all mine out this past winter – ugh applesauce and pudding was my life! Please post your milage 🙂

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