Overdue injury update

Hello everyone! I am finally able to update you on my knee injury. I went to the doctor about a week ago and my appointment was at 8:20AM. I didn’t get home until 1:30PM. I was x-ray’d, poked, prodded, and had an MRI. It was a long day. Here are my x-ray pictures:

Initially, the doctor figured I had a stress fracture after looking at my x-ray’s. Crapski. He said if I did have one I was looking at 6 weeks of no running. But he wanted a second opinion so he immediately set up an appointment for an 30 minute MRI. I got the results in the mail today….

The results:

-No stress fracture or stress reaction

-There is some degeneration of the medial cartilage which goes with my degree of running

-The quad also has some inflammation and thickening (anybody know what the heck thickening is?!)

-Rest the knee and avoid pounding, I can get onto the elliptical and gradually get back into running as I gain comfort and confidence.

-See one of UPMC’s (UPMC = University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) athletic trainers to get me back to running and get me stretched so I can continue to run at a high level.


I called the athletic trainer today and I have an appointment sent up for Wednesday. I won’t name names or say too much but apparently this guy is well known in the national sports industry … and his price is also an indication of that. (He doesn’t take insurance and the assessment alone is $150) This makes me skeptical because money can’t buy everything and I’m defiantly not made of it!

My knee is doing alright as we speak. I haven’t been doing any running at all. I know if I run it will hurt so i’m defiantly excited to see a trainer to help figure out how to fix my knee :). As far as emotions go i’m doing pretty good. Of course I am sad that I can’t run and haven’t been able to for 3 weeks now but I can’t change anything, so why stress? I’m enjoying weight training and swimming when I can!


Other cool stuff

I did my nails 🙂

Vegetarian quesedillas are wonderful

My mom likes her p90x shirt

I love my boyfriend. And trampolines. And the sun.

How do you deal with injury?



  1. Aw, injuries suck. 😦 I’m glad it’s not a stress fracture though, or anything worse. I like your positive attitude too! 🙂 As for how I deal with injuries… Well, I don’t get injured much at all! Last one I had was dropped metatarsals in my foot so I just rested for a week or so. It was during swim season so I was still getting exercise from swimming, just not running.

  2. Glad that there is NO stress fracture. Hopefully the super expensive medical trainer will get your set up with some exercises that will help you get back on track in no time!

    LOVE your nail. soo pretty!

  3. Your nails are flipping awesome! I’m so glad your injury didn’t turn out to be a stress fracture–your knee will be in my thoughts and prayers on the road to recovery though 🙂 With your amazing positive attitude, I know you will get you through this bump in the road in no time!

  4. Hey Girlie..
    All thickening means is that from the constant stress on your bones and muscles due to running, there is just some strain on your quads. Typically, no big deal. With proper down time and rest, it should be fine. Most important thing is to NOT overwork yourself because it WILL lead to stress fracture.

  5. The UPMC sports medicine team is actually the group I saw when I started doing physical therapy for my chronic pain. They really helped me a lot, so I hope you have a good experience with them as well.

    It’s great that you are taking care of yourself girl. Best of luck!

  6. Sorry to hear about your knee that really sucks girl 😦 Thickening might mean scar tissue build up? Thats what it makes me think of anyway. But it is very cool you get to see such an awesome/well known trainer! I hope that your apointment wed goes well!!

    I love your nails they are awesome. Will you do mine? 🙂 hehe

  7. I’m not dealing with my injury that well – it’s really starting to get to me. Not being able to run with this nice weather is AWFUL. But I’ve just been trying to do a little and not push it so hopefully I can get back to 100%.

    I ALSO love my boyfriend, trampolines and the sun 😉

  8. I second the recommendation of glucosamine – it really helps my joints. Praying you’ll be healed soon!

  9. So glad you have a plan!! I have a friend who went to UPMC! They are GOOD at what they do from what I understand!!

    Also thickening in bones is typically just an indicator of stress/pressure building up 🙂

  10. At least swimming is usually good for knee injuries, and I know that you love swimming! 🙂 Oh, and love your nails! I’ve been meaning to try those Sally Henson nail ‘stickers’. Are they easy to use?

  11. Ugh, sorry to hear about the injury! I’m praying for a speedy recovery for you!!
    I love that you are keeping a positive attitude though–it will make things easier on you. 😀

    Cute nails! How did you do that!? Are they stickers?

    mmm quesadillas!

  12. You have such a great outlook on the injury which I think is SO amazing. So many people get so down and upset with injuries, but you’ll be back running soon enough!

  13. Glad it’s not a stress fracture at least! And at least you can still do elliptical/swimming/etc. And I deal with injury like an idiot and refuse to give ’em enough rest/time to heal.

    Love the nails! And I want that quesadilla…

  14. love your outlook here Allie. This SAME thing happend to my husband and he rested, swam, and did yoga. Its all about that long term healthy goal!

  15. Being sidelined with injury is the WORST. I know I hate sitting around or mixing up my routines when it comes to working out too much, so I’m always sad when I have knee or hip pain. I definitely rely on running as my main source of cardio and I hate to miss it.

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