Hilly Willy

Yesterday’s 10k was hilly. Owie my quads 🙂

Madre & Hannah. Did I mention my mom walked the 5k?! Go mom!

^Do you like her shirt?! (P90x, LOL) [Also: Hannah and I were both age group winners.]

The race was super organized and very fun. I loved that it was at a church and the weather was awesome yesterday. God blessed the whole event ! The 10k was a double loop and it killed. I cut 2 minutes off of my best time to get a 47. I think I can do better!

Something very cool happened after the race. I noticed 2 farmiliar looking faces from 2 weekends ago. I was at a race in memory of Kenton Iwaniec on April 16th and had the chance to see his mother and sister (only from afar because they were busy with all of the race stuff!) Turns out, they had run the race yesterday too. Right after the awards ceremony was over I went to talk to his mom and sister and they approached me first.

Someone they knew had found my blog post about the race and told them about it! How cool is that?! I was so happy to talk to his family members and just thank them for all of their hard work and dedication through tough times in their lives. It is a small world 🙂

Back to yesterday…

I was at the South West PA Tea Party with many members from my church. I collected donations, helped with hayrides and even saw Herman Cain. Cool beans! Before anyone says anything about politics I just want to share this scripture:

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.   1 Timothy 2:1-2

No matter who is in charge of the government or anyone, I will be praying for them. That’s that.

After the TEA Party Jim & I went to see Fast Five. I was a bit leery to see it because I had to study and sometimes I just don’t care about car movies though I do love cars.

I ended up liking the movie 🙂 Thanks for making me go Jimmy.

Okay, this post is long enough. Time to get ready for church.

Up next? A food and college post.

Have you ever had that awesome ‘small world’ feeling?



  1. Congrats on a great race! That is really cool that they had read your blog post. I get that “small world” feeling in Pittsburgh a lot. It’s a big town, but sometimes it has a small town feel, you know?

  2. Oh wow awesome job! I just did an extremo hilly course too which was not okay. I think you’ll be able to get done lower too! 🙂 Awesome job! Either you come to Potsdam and run with me or come to southern VA (I vote the second) and come choose a race to do. okay good.

    I haven’t had any small world happenings about my blog but I think it would be really cool most certainly.

  3. Good job in the race thats a great time for a hilly race!

    I actually had a small world incident last night. I met this guy that didn’t even go to HS where I lived but we know pretty much ALL the same people. It was so funny haha

  4. “No matter who is in charge of the government or anyone, I will be praying for them. That’s that.”
    Loved that.

    Yesterday I went by the track on my run and saw this guy I knew from my summer boot camps I use to teach. I haven’t seen him in like a year and it was just funny to see him at the track of all places.

  5. hahaha, love your mom’s shirt. 😉 Congrats on chopping off time! You go girlie! 🙂

    Awesome verse.

  6. i went for a 5 k hike today and finished ridiculously tired..
    but coming for a person that hated excercising a year ago i hope that’s an improvent :3
    i really look up to people who do marathons 🙂

    ps – i love your B book quotes always !

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