Spring Spirit

Yesterday I was in the spring spirit. I said my favorite flavor of spring was coconut. I followed Lindsay’s advice for spring cleaning-to be more spontaneous. What better way to do this than to buy….

001A coconut!
I was meandering around the store yesterday looking for ingredients for the awesome, AWESOME soup (I cannot wait to share..!) and I saw a coconut .. so I bought it!

Now what do I do with it?!

Any ideas??!



  1. Ick! I hate coconut! I must be the only person though because all I read about is coconut, coconut, coconut! 🙂 I wouldn’t even know where to start with it!

  2. Hm. My question is how would you get into it. We used to break open coconuts with a machete in florida. You could just drink the water or break the whole coconut in half and scrap out the pulp. Maybe coconut soup? A thai inspired dish? Coconut/berry smoothie?

  3. i have no idea what to do with it! I’ve had fresh coconut milk before, but it’s always been from the green ones and I don’t know if theres a difference with flavor???

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