Excited because

Last post I was excited about road racing season. This post I am excited about gardening season!
First I want to say thank you for the encouraging comments on my last post.

I read each one and smiled. So big.
Anyways 😉

Last year my brother and I planted a garden together before we went on our cruise.

It may have been tiny. I may have been pasty white. But the garden germinated in 2 days!!

Before we planted outdoors I had started growing a tomato plant inside my house. I took care of my little baby and watered it every day. I checked on it obsessively like it was a new born child. Finally, it was time to plant it outside! WOO!

A few days later… my brother mowed over it. HAHAHA. When I think about it now, I laugh because the plant grew back. When I think about right after he told me, I was super sad… like depressed over my little tomato plant. (He thought it was a weed!)

We grew tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, wax beans, carrots, lettuce, squash, radishes, and a few other plants I just can’t remember!

See those little seedlings?! I took that picture yesterday morning.

BASIL!!!!! Soon I will be starting to grow another baby tomato in my house along with my baby basil 🙂 So exciting! Jimmy said I can plant a garden at his family’s shop (it has a big yard) along with a garden in my yard. I have bought seeds for:

egg plant, watermelon, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and squash.

Can’t wait to buy more! (Like lettuce, corn, onions, peppers, ETC!)

Do you plant a garden? Do you grow veggies or flowers?


  1. I LOVE gardening. Wish we had a house to do that. Since we moved back into a condo, i can’t. Just a few herbs will have to do right now. Enjoy your little garden. its so fun!

  2. Thats so cool! Whenever ive tried to grow anything in the past it just dies. 😦 I dont know if i would have the patience to tend to a garden.

  3. allie…you were more than super sad when your plant got mowed over hahah! you may have went suicidal for a little! 😛

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  5. I planted a garden last summer for the first time too! My dad help make it pretty awesome; it had soo many veggies that grew. Oh and you should grow tomatoes, they grow really easily!

  6. My mom has made various attempts at gardening at home but she doesn’t exctly have a green thumb so they’ve had varying levels of success… we had some kind of awesome tomatoes at one point htough! 🙂

    THat’s super exciting though!

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